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DIY: Fabric Jam Jar Wrapper

img_8952I love candles. Some people may think that they are just something for Summer but in my opinion there is nothing better than some good candles all year around. In Spring in front of the front door to welcome the new season, in Summer for a nice Evening with good friends and some Aperol Spritz, in Autumn with a good book and some rain outside and I think I don´t have to explain the Winter. img_8945

But I thought I would share with you today how you can use old old jam jars and personalise a nice candle for friends, family or yourself.

You will need:

  • an old jam jar, big enough for a little candle
  • light fabric which wraps around your jar with some space and also a piece for the bottom, so the circle of your jar plus a little extra
  • some yarn
  • a sewing machine
  • something you want to decorate your jar with
  • some black sticking yarn
  • a sticking needle


First you want to take your piece of fabric and cut it, so that it wraps around your jar and has 2 cm “to much” fabric and that it has at the top and the bottom of your jar also 2 cm fabric. Take an flat iron and iron 1cm on top in, then fold it in and iron again. Sew the the seam and seal it at the end.Then take your fabric and write with a pencil whatever you want to write on your wrapper in the middle. If you are satisfied with the way it looks take the black sticking yarn and stick the word with a back stich on it.


If you´ve finished sticking take the piece of fabric for the bottom, place the jar on it and draw the outlines of the jar onto the fabric. Now sew the bottom piece to the piece with the sticking on right on right. When you sewed the bottom, close the seam at the side and seal everything. Now you can decorate it as you like, place your jar in it and put a candle in your jar.

I hope you enjoyed this post, img_8939

Love, Sophie

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