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My Top 5 Beauty Products of 2016

img_8967I can´t believe 2016 is already over. For me 2016 was all in all a good year but there´ve been definately better ones. But I traveled a lot, ate some pretty good cakes and made some new memories with my friends, so I am fine with that.

In order to make a Little step back into 2016 I thought I share my top five Beauty products with you. I tested a lot in 2016 because I have been tested allergic to various kinds of ingredients at the beginning of the year.

I picked five products that I used throughout the year and absolutely loved. There aren´t prodcuts from every category of Skin care/ make up but I think there is defately a good mix of different things. So enjoy!

1. “Olympea” Body Lotion from Pacco IMG_8980.jpgRabbane

I got this body lotion from my aunt to my birthday in January and I used it the whole year quite regularly and there is still body lotion left, so that shows that you justed need a little tiny bit to moisture your body. Furthermore it smells like the parfum “Olympea”, which smells absolutely amazing, and the smell lasts really long. But the thing I like the most about it is definately the packaging. I think it looks absolutely stunnig on your bedside table or in your bathroom. Sometimes you have to store your body lotion in a drawer because it can look a little bit ugly but with this one you can leave it outside to look at it.


2. “Flora” parfume by Gucci

I bought this parfume in the Duty Free Shop ar Gatwick Airport, when I was in London and I have worn it ever since. I think there is not much to say exept from that I love it (as the most other parfumes by Gucci).

3. “Liquid Mirror” Nail polish by Chanel

I was looking for a good silver metallic polish sinca a very Long time, but there wasn´t a single one which pleased all I wanted until the Christmas collection by Chanel this year. I saw the polish, I bought the polish and I love the polish to death. This is one of these one coat and fine polishes, which only can do Chanel.



4. “Bond Girl” Lipstick by Charlotte Tillbury img_8969

This lipstick is my life. I think there isn´t another one in my collection, which I love as much as this one. I was very exited to go to London because you can´t get Charlotte Tillbury in Austria and I wanted this lipstick for ages. I bought it in Selfridges so it is a little holiday memory too. It´s the perfect nude with a little bit of a Brown/red undertone and it´s matte so it Looks not to dressed up.



img_89845. “Better than sex” Mascara by Too Faced

Last but absolutely not least my holy grail when it comes to big fabolous lashes. Maybe not better than sex but it Comes close. I use this Mascara for more than two years now and I love it so much. It gives you those advert lashes and some people asked me even if I wear fake lashes so there is the proof.


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