One day in Salzburg


Since the 9th of December was free in Austria, my best friends and I we decided to spend the day together in Salzburg just to enjoy and relax. I thought I take you along with me!                                              img_8647

From where I live it´s a one and a half hour drive so we started at 8 am and we arrived in Salzburg at 9:45am. We went for a nice brunch at “Café Latini”. After some coffee and a nice round of taking we had a stroll throughout the city and did some shopping.

Salzburg has some really nice little shops and the city isn´t that big so you can reach everything by feet. Since Salzburg is the native city of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart you have to visit his native house in the “Getreidegasse” and you also have to try the “Mozartkugel” which is a chocolate Praline with Marzipan and pistachio. So delicious! The best one and also the original one has the confectionery “Fürst”.

img_8680Around the Corner from the confectionery first is the “Salzburger Christkindlmarkt”, which is a really nice advent market, wher we drunk some mulled wine. Since we had breakfast so late we decided to skip lunch instead we went for some coffee and a piece of cake at 3pm to the confectionery “Fürst”. They have some really nice cakes there but the best one is the “Mozarttorte”, which is like the famous praline but as a cake

img_8716It was a really really nice day with some really good friends. Also it was nice to spend some time with them apart from school and all the stress it was even more special because of the Christmas atmosphere in Salzburg with all the fairy lights and mulled wine. I enjoyed every single Moment of this trip and hope that you´ve enjoyed the Pictures and this post!

Love, Sophie


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