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Gift wrap ideas for Christmas

Every year I enjoy to wrap the presents for my family really nice, because I think that when you spent hours on thinking about them it´s nice to present them really beautiful. Last year I wrapped everything in white and black, but this year I decided to gor for a silver glitter theme combined with some parchment paper. I hope you enjoy this post and find some Inspiration for the presents of your loves.


For all the lazy wrappers out there: the glitter tags. Just take some parchment paper add some cord and finish with a silver glitter tag. Easy peasy but very nice! Also IKEA has some really nice tags in black and White, which look really nice on silver glitter wrapping paper.


Calligraphy is one thing that is really common this year, also on gift tags and presents. On Youtube you can find some really nice tutorials to learn how to do it, so you can embellish the presents.

This year I am all about the fly agarics, the combination of silver, red and white just looks so apealing to me. With the new year around the corner this wrapping idea may be something you can use on a bottle of champagne or other bits and bops you want to give to others.

img_8771 img_8784

When you wrap presents you mave some little bits  of wrapping paper left, like I had. I cut out some circles and other shapes and glued them on the wrapped presents, which also looked really nice.

Las but not leasr I have another easy one: the usual parchment paper, cord and then some easy glitter Stickers. I got mine from Depot but you can find them nearly everywhere. In my opinion this is the perfect way to wrap presents for kids, because it looks really nice but it is not a pity when the present get´s “destroyed” really fast.

I hope you found some Inspiration and I wish you lovely wrapping,




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