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Gift Guide for the girls in your family

I love Christmas so much and I love giving presents to all the ones I love, especially to the girls of my family (because I can use their presents too :)). I thought I show you some inspiration (not the real ones, cause they will read this:P) . I hope there is something for everyone!



Since my mum celebrates her Birthday on the 21th of December we connect Christmas and her Birthday and she gets something a Little bit more expensive like these earrings. The quality of the jewelery by Michael Kors is really really good so therfore this is a present which will last a long time.

Earrings by Michael Kors



I love a good book as a present. For people who love to read it´s just the best present because you have enough options to pick from and you can really pick something that suits the receiver. I picked a biography by Anna Sacher which is written like a novel and really interesting.

Anna Sacher Biography



Be honest, who doesn´t love a good film? Especially french films are up there on the A-List (and on the wish list of my mum) and this year there are some really good new ones.

“Breakfast at Monsieur Henri”

“Birnenkuchen und Lavendel”



If everything goes wrong a classic red lip by Chanel is a lifesaver. It is soething classic and something red (also a really good present for your grandmother). Also a really good present is parfum and especially “Love Story” by Chloé which is a really good smell for everybody from your sister to your grandmother.

Love Story by Chloé

Chanel Lipstick

I hope you found some Inspiration for the presents of your loves,

Love, Sophie

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