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Simply Christmas Decoration

Since on Sunday is the first Advent I thought I Show you some of my Christmas decoration I have put together so you may get some Inspiration for you too. And I am also going to show you how you can make a simple pillow case from IKEA look very cute and christmassy. So let´s go!

This year I did some very simple and minimalistic decorations in neutral colours such as black, white and beige. Now and then I added a little bit of sparkle. My Advent wreath is very simple to make and you can use the “case” all year around so it is very economic. I don´t know how you call this geometric glass cube but I will link some down below since you can get them everywhere. I then bought a little white reindeer and then some little trees. I arranged them in the glass cube and put also some cotton wool in as snow. I think it looks really cute and sophisticated.

Next to my sofa I also arranged some candles and some twigs on a tablet. It Looks really nice in the evenings when the candles are lit but it also gives kind of a messy look to my clean white sofa which I really like. Also this year I really enjoy the mix of white and wood or other things from the forest. Such a cute combination! Also my Christmas star which I showed you how to make it here, looks really nice together with white and silver.



Lastly I show you my IKEA DIY pillow case. I saw the pillow case in IKEA last week and it´s from their Vinter 2016 range, where by the way everything is adorable and cute if you love white, black and grey. And asI said I saw the pillow case and immideatly had a Vision in my head. I sewd just a red ribbon on the case and now it looks just so festive and cute and I am just in love. I combined it with some Grey and White and a Grey knitted Plaid also by IKEA and it just is so cosy and nice! Perfect for cold winter days, yey.

I hope you enjoyed this post,



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