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Winter Skin Care Favourites

Winter is finally here! Yey! I love it so much! The cold weather, hot Drinks and all the Christmas lights. The only thing I hate about Winter or generally cold weather is that my skin tends to go in a really bad condition. It is dry, I get spots and it just doesn´t feel good. But this year I found the holy grail of skin care and I thought I am going to Show you it together with some other bits and bobs I am loving at the moment! So say goodbye to dry Skin!

First I may have to say that my skin is normally very oily and more of a mixed skin. Only when it´s cold outside I get dry skin.


1.Anti-blemish solution series by Clinique:

I have been using this skin care range by Clinique since three years and since that I never wanted to change it. I use the cleansing foam and the clarifying lotion every morning and evening and the scrub every Sunday.It leaves your skin “working”, you really feel that your skin begins to breathe, furthermore it leaves your skin very hydrated and perfectly moist. I can just highly recommand the whole range.

Cleansing Foam

Clarifying Lotion


2. Cleanance EXPERT Emulsion by Avéne:

Now this is the holy grail! Ladys and gentlemens here it comes, the best cream against spots you have ever seen. It kills the spots you have but also prevends future spots. I swear to you as I am sitting here and writing this I have two mini spots and I struggled all my life with more than twenty spots on my face. Thank you for inventing this!!

Cleanance Expert Emulsion by Avené


3.Hungry Hands Hand cream by Zoella:

Winter means at least one tube of hand cream in my handbag. At the Moment it is the Zoella “Hungry Hands Gingerbread and warm vanilla”-Hand cream and oh my god it smells like somebody has put Christmas in a tube. Just so good and it makes your hands feel very good too. Also the packaging is gorgeous the mix of red and rosé Gold looks perfect as a piece of Christmas decoration too.

Hungry Hands by Zoella


4.Flora Glamourous Magnolia parfum by Gucci:

Last but not least my favourite parfum at the moment. I know it isn´t really skin care but it leaves your skin smellig very nice so I think it is okay to put it in here. I bought this parfum at the duty free shop in Gatwick Airport and since then I never wore anything else. I love Gucci parfums general, Gucci guilty for example, but this one is just so nice. It is very fresh and light what doesn´t make it exactly a Winter parfum but it has something in it what smells like “Winter”. I am really bad in descriping smells but trust me t smells incredible!

Flora Glamorous Magnolia by Gucci

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