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My Autumn Make-Up-Picks


With the changing leave colours outside there comes a change of colours and products in my make up bag. First I have to say when I say colours I mean the thousands shades of neutral ranging from a mudy brown to a fresh stone grey. Last Autumn I was all about a classic 50,s cat eye look but this year I just love autumnal eye shadows and mascara. Copper, brown, red, orange, and sometimes a little bit of a shimmer. Some of these products I bought last year so I am not sure, if they are still available.


The first product on my list is the “Olympea” body lotion by Paco Rabanne which is the matching body lotion to the parfum. You have to smell the smell by yourself, because I just can´t descripe it but the body Lotion is very nice and moisturing, which is everything you need on such cold autumnal days. Speaking of moisture, I changed my regular make up to a CC cream by Clinique. This is the only CC cream, which I found, which covers like a make up but feels like a daycream and I just love this so much. For the nice rosy cheeks I use a rouge by Chanel, which has a little bit of shimmer running through. I love blushes like this because they look much more natural due to the glow.

As I said at the beginning my colours are the neutrals and the lipstick by MAC is just up my street. Due to the fact that I have an olive undertone in my skin, the dark nudes suit me much more than the light nudes. This lipstick especially is a mixture between a dark nude and a dark pink which makes it even better. Now there comes by far my favourite product of all time. I know these Chanel eyeshadows are expensive but Hands down they are worth every single penny. ( Unfortunatly New Moon is not available anymore, but I´ve linked a similar colour) They are like butter on your eyes and they don´t move anywhere the whole day. Furthermore they are the most glittery thing ever, exept from loose glitter Speaking of eye shadow I was really impressed by the quality of the Eye Colour-To-Go Stick by the H&M Beauty range. They are easy to blend and the colour pay off is very good. The only Thing I have to say is that you have to use a primer underneath, otherwise they will live in your crease.

For my nails I love a classic oxblood red or this sparkling copper colour in Autumn. You can wear this just as it is or you pair it with a nude polish underneath. Last but not least the Pop of colour in this blog post. The Lip Pencil by MAC is just the perfect red for every day and I find a red lip pencil very easy to wear because you don´t get it anywhere!


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