How you start being organized



We all know that feeling that the day is gone und you literally have done nothing. And we all know the feeling when you do your homework in the eraly morninghours with five coffee and the last bit of energy. Of course I have been in that situation too, but I think in my whole schooltime max 10 times. As somebody  who loves lists and planning I learned to organize all the things I have to do and to set priorities. For me being organized means that you have an overal view over everything that you have to do and that you do the things you have to do in the time you need to do them. Maybe I can give you some tips or new ideas for your life!

There are two types of people when it gets into planning: the old school notebook ones and the high-tech iPad ones.I am a mix of both. I use my IPhone and IPad for my calender so I can easily update in case of changes. For blogcontent, lists, new projects or homework I use a notebook.



I use the Standard calendar on my IPhone which is connected by Icloud with my IPad so I have all my appointments everywhere. And I try to write EVERY appointment in there. This is important for planning the rest of your life. So you have an overview. Set yourselve also appointments for food shopping, homework or other things you really have to do that week. So that the freetime you have in your calendar is really time you can use to do whatever you want.

Maybe that sounds a little bit like a Military School or something but in my opinion it really helps to do such things at the beginning. Dont worry you will develop your own inner calendar to know what to do when but your brain needs time and support for that.

If you realize that you Keep forgeting  to write new appointments into your phone then set yourself a reminder on your lock screen!


2. Notebooks/ Paper Calendar

I think everything that I do calendar wise with my IPhone is the same with a Notebook too. Try to write every appointment down to have an overal view over everything you are meant to do.

I like to use different sticker and a lineal to sort my Notebook out because I think that it can get a bit messy in there. Or you just mark the different sites with some sticky paper.

Another thing for staying organized is that you try to stay organized in every part of life. I dont think you will suceed when you write every appointment down but your desk is a mess. Believe me you dont want do your homework in a pile of sheets. Your productivity will be blocked by something like that. Also your closet. You dont want to get up in the morning if you know you have to find an outfit in a pile of clothes.


If you reall want to get in details read the book of Mary Kondo “Magic Cleaning”. It is the best book in Terms of cleaning and organizing I´ve ever read.



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