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5 Luxury Summer Lipsticks


I am a nude lipstick kinda girl especially in Summer so today I am going to Show you my favourite nude lipsticks for Summer plus one for a Little bit of colour in your life. Just a little disclaimer: These are all expensive lipsticks and I collected them slowly. I dont want to show off. But I like to invest a little bit more in Make Up especially in lipsticks because I think that they work better, stay longer and look better in general. But this is my own opinion. So now enjoy the post!


  1. Rambling Rose by MAC

Normally I dont like these coral Kind of lipsticks on me but this one is just fabolous. It has a Little bit shimmer running through and is a slighty darker coral so it also works for my “olive” typ of skin.The only coral I would buy again.


2.Fabby by MAC

This lipstick works for every skintone. It´s a typical light pinky nude but with a gold shimmer. Due to this golden shimmer your lips look fuller and peachier. I never saw a similar colour anywhere else.


3. Tea Rose by Esteé Lauder

I think this was a limited Edition once but they do similar ones. It is a slightly darker nude but with a hint of pink. This colour is a perfect friend for all kinds of eyeshadow. So you can´t go wrong with a colour like this in your collection!


4.100 by YSL

This is my newest addition to my nude lipstick collection. I bought it in Berlin because I forgot my Esteé Lauder one and I couldn’t live one month without him. Even though the colours are very similar the finish isn´t. The finish of this one is a lot more sheer. It is one of those lipsticks you can easily apply without a mirror. Furthermore you don´t have to worry that your lipstick get smudged throughout the day. An another additional plus point is the smell and taste of YSL Lipsticks, they smell and taste like rosewater. So good.!



5. Insoumise by Chanel

Last but not least a little bit of colour delivered by Chanel. As I said at the beginning I do not like that much colour on my lips in summer due to practical reasons. When I go swimming with my friends I don´t want to worry about my bright red lipstick or any other colour. So this is a lipstick from last year summer collection by Chanel and it is also a sheer one. It gives you the right amount of colour (in my opinion) but you don´t have to worry about your lipstick.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a nice summer!

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