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Some weeks ago my family and I visited the carnival in Venice and I have some impressions to show you. We went there on the second Saturday during the carnival week and I have to say, I think that was the last time that I went there on the second weekend, because it is the…… Continue reading VISUAL DIARY: Venice

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TRAVEL: Up in the Air!

  “Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand time!”                                                   – Asian Proverb- This might be my favourite post to write ever (I know this is…… Continue reading TRAVEL: Up in the Air!

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RECIPE: Nutella Cupcakes

Nutella Cupcakes… The dream of every child, right? Due to this reason my little sister and I made some for taking to school, when she turned ten 2 weeks ago. It was so much fun to make them with her, but they also tasted like a Nutella Cupcake should taste like chocolaty, hazelnutty and a…… Continue reading RECIPE: Nutella Cupcakes

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#SALZBURGLOVE: The Bakery by Didi Maier

Some weeks I went to have a lovely breakfast with a dear friend. We tried out “The Bakery by Didi Maier”, because we wanted to go to IKEA as well afterwards and the Bakery is at the opposite of IKEA here in Salzburg. But of course this wasn´t the only reason, I have heard some…… Continue reading #SALZBURGLOVE: The Bakery by Didi Maier

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LIFESTYLE: Lenovo Yoga 720 Review

As you might have read in my “what I got for birthday and Christmas post” my parents gifted me to a new laptop, because my old loved Vaio gave up slowly but surely and since I can proudly call myself a student since October I spend quite some time of my day in front of…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: Lenovo Yoga 720 Review

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RECIPE: Banana Waffles

As I told you in my “What I got for my Birthday”-post, my parents got me a waffle maker for my birthday, wich unfortunately has the side-effect that the most of the time I search for new waffle recipes when I am on Pinterest, but I also search for healthy ones, so it is okay,…… Continue reading RECIPE: Banana Waffles

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LIFESTYLE: Netflix and Books Pt. 3

Is there anything better than browsing through Netflix on a cold, snowy day during semester break? I don´t think so. The past few two and a half week I had the pleasure to enjoy a lot of this time and I also had a lot of time to enjoy some really good picks out of…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: Netflix and Books Pt. 3