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SALZBURGLOVE: 3 Coffeeshops I love in Salzburg

  Imagine, old buildings left and right, mountains all around you, and a turquoise river in the middle… Welcome to Salzburg! Although it became just recently my home, I bloody love this city so much. It has just such a special charm to it, the mixture between nature and those old buildings is just magical.…… Continue reading SALZBURGLOVE: 3 Coffeeshops I love in Salzburg

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#SALZBURGLOVE: Breakfast at “Glüxfall”

Today I am launching a new category called #SALZBURGLOVE, where I am going to show you my favourite food/drink/shop/visit adresses of Salzburg. Because I love reading recommendations on other people´s blog. And I think, since I moved only one week ago, I see the city with other eyes. You know this feeling when you come…… Continue reading #SALZBURGLOVE: Breakfast at “Glüxfall”

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VISUAL DIARY: Ljubljana & Bled

Hey there! Another “Visual Diary” today from me! Next week there is going to be some more words from me, but as you are reading this I am in the car, taking the last pile of stuff to Salzburg because this evening my parents are going to drive home without me. As of today I´m…… Continue reading VISUAL DIARY: Ljubljana & Bled

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HOTEL REVIEW: Holiday Inn Munich City Centre

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we´d have roots instead of feets” -Rachel Wolchin- Last week I had the opportunity to go to Munich for three days, just to enjoy the city and do some work. Because actually I am one of those persons who are way more productive when they are…… Continue reading HOTEL REVIEW: Holiday Inn Munich City Centre

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TRAVEL: Where to eat in Brighton & London Pt.2

Whenever I go somewhere for Holiday or some days, I love to check out new places to eat or drink coffee, so I can share them with friends and Family, but also of course with you guys. Unfortunatley, since I was on a trip with friends, I showed them the things I discovered last time…… Continue reading TRAVEL: Where to eat in Brighton & London Pt.2

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VISUAL DIARY: London & Brighton

Hi there, today’s a short one! I am back from ma short trip to London! We landed last night very very late, after some delays in Venice and drove home. But I was so tired today therefore I relaxed today, which is the reason why you get another Visual Diary today. I love looking back…… Continue reading VISUAL DIARY: London & Brighton

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VISUAL DIARY: Hamburg and Cologne

I love going on holiday and traveling so much and all the pictures that come with it, but with most trips they end up on a computer never ever seen again (exept for the times when you have to transfer pictures to another computer or device and end up, just starring at old pictures, right?)…… Continue reading VISUAL DIARY: Hamburg and Cologne