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LIFESTYLE: My Bullet Journal

New year, new plans, new planner! Altough the year is nearly one month old, it is not to late to get organised and crush it. When it comes to planners and calendars I am definitley oldschool. I love handwritten journals and I will ever do, although I tested the Iphone Calendar, other than my day…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: My Bullet Journal

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LIFESTYLE: Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

I can´t believe this year is already over! I mean, hello, where are you 2017? I remember when I was a little girl and I always found that time goes by so slow and I would never grow up, and Christmas takes double the time to come back and when I was (finally) 18, this…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

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Giftguide: Under 50 Euro

3 weeks until Christmas! What? Where has the time gone? When I was a child, the time before Christmas would never go by fast it felt like years. All the grown-ups always said the time is going by so fast and I have so much to do and and and, I was sitting on the…… Continue reading Giftguide: Under 50 Euro

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LIFESTYLE: Must Have Gym Gear

Some of you may be confused at the moment, because this is not my usually content, but the lovely Samantha from Ripped.me reached out for me and I thought (with having all the Christmas cookies in mind) why not? So todays post is comming from Samantha, and be ready there are some mndblowers in here! Must…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: Must Have Gym Gear

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LIFESTYLE: How to stay on top of the game with organization this year

It´s that time of the year, there are two types of people: the ones who are excited for school and the ones who want an endless Summer. More and more children take their shopping list from school into their nearest stationer´s ( I loved that part!). Parents thank god because the Summer holidays are over.…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: How to stay on top of the game with organization this year

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PERSONAL: Moving Out, Future and University

I remember me thinking: “When I am older I want to…”, but now I reached a point in my life where the sentence has to be “When I am older I want to…”. I think today is the day where I finally sit down and put all the feelings and fears I had throughout the…… Continue reading PERSONAL: Moving Out, Future and University

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LIFESTYLE: My Jewellery Collection

Diamonds are a girls best friend, or? I agree, altough I don´t own any diamonds (yet:)), I have collected and have been given some quite special pieces of jewellery. Two years ago the doctors discovered that I am allergic to nickel, which is why I can only wear “real” jewellery, therefore I collected some “forever” pieces…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: My Jewellery Collection