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INTERIOR: My tips on creating a picture wall

It doesn´t matter which social network you open, the chance that you don´t see at least one picture with a picture wall on it is very low. They come in all sizes and formes, reaching from just 2 pictures up to walls full of pictures, with many different Frames, in gold, white, black and and…… Continue reading INTERIOR: My tips on creating a picture wall


INTERIOR: Finds for the flat

    The day has come! I´ve got my first own pair of keys for my first own flat! (You can read some more details here). My dad and I spend some days, painting the walls new, building some furniture and doing some other bits and bobs around the flat (I am glad I have…… Continue reading INTERIOR: Finds for the flat

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PERSONAL: Moving Out, Future and University

I remember me thinking: “When I am older I want to…”, but now I reached a point in my life where the sentence has to be “When I am older I want to…”. I think today is the day where I finally sit down and put all the feelings and fears I had throughout the…… Continue reading PERSONAL: Moving Out, Future and University

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INTERIOR: H&M Home Haul #1

In the past couple of weeks I collected house related bits and Bobs, because… *drum roll*… I am mooovviinnggg! Whoop whoop! In September I am going to move from where I now live, Carinthia, to Salzburg in order to study there. But I will write a whole blogpost about the whats, whens, wheres etc., so…… Continue reading INTERIOR: H&M Home Haul #1

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AUSTRIA WEEK: An Austrian Touch in your Kitchen

Today I have a special DIY for you! I am going to show you a really nice way to bring some of the “Austriaspirit” into your Kitchen. I don´t know why or how I came up with the idea, but I really love it. I made some kitchen towels for my mum and I thought…… Continue reading AUSTRIA WEEK: An Austrian Touch in your Kitchen

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INTERIOR: Life on the terrace

Whenever I had a stroll through my Pinterest I saw pictures of dreamy Island, Santorrini, beaches and the sea. I am sitting at home studying for my A-Levels and wishing I was sitting on such an Island right now. But unfortunatly there is no time for that now so I have to make a vacation…… Continue reading INTERIOR: Life on the terrace

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INTERIOR: Home Office Inspiration

  I am constantly working from home, for this blog, for school or for “Fräulein Sophie” products, and I have to say I want some changes in my work environment because sometimes I have the feeling that the seeling is coming of. Also I don´t think that the part of my room where my desks…… Continue reading INTERIOR: Home Office Inspiration