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AUSTRIA WEEK: An Austrian Touch in your Kitchen

Today I have a special DIY for you! I am going to show you a really nice way to bring some of the “Austriaspirit” into your Kitchen. I don´t know why or how I came up with the idea, but I really love it. I made some kitchen towels for my mum and I thought…… Continue reading AUSTRIA WEEK: An Austrian Touch in your Kitchen

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DIY: 3 Gifts for Mothersday

There is one person in our life, that deserves more “Thank You!” and “I love you”, than we do say in real life. A person who made sure that we are where we are now, that listens and helps, that stops our tears, brings us tea when we aren´t feeling well. A person who has the…… Continue reading DIY: 3 Gifts for Mothersday

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DIY: Marble Computer Cover

Evertime I was on Pinterest I saw those Pictures with the marble covered laptops, a bowl with berries and a cup of coffee and I really liked them (not just because of the coffee…). Furthermore I wanted a protection for my laptop, because he has definitely seen better times. So I went on Amazon and…… Continue reading DIY: Marble Computer Cover

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DIY: Fabric Jam Jar Wrapper

I love candles. Some people may think that they are just something for Summer but in my opinion there is nothing better than some good candles all year around. In Spring in front of the front door to welcome the new season, in Summer for a nice Evening with good friends and some Aperol Spritz,…… Continue reading DIY: Fabric Jam Jar Wrapper

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DIY: Lucky Pigs

Since the New Year has begun, I thought I share a little DIY with you, you can make for friends and family to wish them luck for the new year. These little sewed pigs are very easy but a nice gift to give to people to show them that you are thinking about them. You…… Continue reading DIY: Lucky Pigs

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Simply Christmas Decoration

Since on Sunday is the first Advent I thought I Show you some of my Christmas decoration I have put together so you may get some Inspiration for you too. And I am also going to show you how you can make a simple pillow case from IKEA look very cute and christmassy. So let´s…… Continue reading Simply Christmas Decoration

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DIY: Winter Star Decoration

Yes I know there is the word winter in the headline and I know it is very early but I am just to exited to not not share this with you as soon as possible.This year I really like the combination of white, grey and wood. The colours work so good together and it looks chic…… Continue reading DIY: Winter Star Decoration