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An elegant dress!

Since I was a Little Girl I loved to Dress up a Little bit and elegant clothes. Today I Show you an elegant but wearable Outfit. As you may know I love black clothes. They just Change my Feeling and the way I move. My Dress, my coat and my bag are from H&M. Dress/ Kleid…… Continue reading An elegant dress!

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Brownie Pear Cake

Every friday I bake a cake for the Weekend and last friday my mum asked me to do something with pears, since they are ripe in our garden. So here is my result! A brownie cake with pears. Enjoy! Jeden Freitag ist Backtag fürs Wochenende. Letzten Freitag bat mich meine Mama etwas mit Birnen zu…… Continue reading Brownie Pear Cake


Some changes…

As I am preparing for my A-Levels at the moment I have to change my upload schedule from Wednesday and Sunday to just Sunday! There will be a blog post every Sunday and if there is time to write another one there is going to be one on Wednesday too! Because Quality goes over quantity…… Continue reading Some changes…

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Pumpkin seed sponge roll

Heute zeige ich euch eine Kürbiskern-Biskuitrolle, gefüllt mit Vanillesahne und Preiselbeere für wunderbar lauschige Herbstabende. Kürbiskerne sind vielleicht nicht jedermanns Geschmack, aber in Kombination mit Vanillesahne und Preiselbeere sind sie einfach unwiderstehlich. Sie geben dem ganzen Kuchen einen einzigartigen herbstlichen Geschmack. Today I am going to show you a pumpkin seed sponge roll, stuffed with…… Continue reading Pumpkin seed sponge roll