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AUSTRIA WEEK: “Kaiserschmarrn”with Blueberries

Since the recipe on Monday was savory, my second recipe in this weeks: Austria Week is one of my favourite sweet ones: Kaiserschmarrn! Some people eat it as a main dish, some as a dessert, personally I don´t care, it is just so delicious, you can´t resist both ways! As I am not the greatest…… Continue reading AUSTRIA WEEK: “Kaiserschmarrn”with Blueberries

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AUSTRIA WEEK: 5 Extraordinary Hotels in Austria

It doesn´t matter, if it´s Summer or Winter, Austria is the preferred destination of many people. Beautiful mountains, lakes, nice people and of course the good food. I know many people, who have been in Austria before and loved it so much that they decided to come back, some of them even regularly or the…… Continue reading AUSTRIA WEEK: 5 Extraordinary Hotels in Austria

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AUSTRIA WEEK: The Top 5 Hiking Spots in Austria

Summer in Austria means that there are two types of people: the ones that go to one of our beautiful lakes and the ones that explore every weekend another of our several mountains. I am mix of both but sometimes I really like a good hike here and there. I have to say I don´t…… Continue reading AUSTRIA WEEK: The Top 5 Hiking Spots in Austria

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AUSTRIA WEEK: “Käsespätzle”

Today is the day, whoop whoop, it´s the start of the Austria Week, where I am going to show you some of the things that I love most about Austria and that makes Austria that special. I covered a few themes from hiking, recipes and a DIY is coming your way too, so watch out…… Continue reading AUSTRIA WEEK: “Käsespätzle”

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My favourite bloggers: Austria Edition

Austria offers not only Mozart, Sachertorte and a beautiful landscape. but also incredible talented bloggers and social influencers. I started really Blogging one year ago, but I followed lots of the People below before that, so I can assume that they provide you with the most incredible Content, some artsy Pictures and of course a…… Continue reading My favourite bloggers: Austria Edition

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TRAVEL: Where to eat in Vienna

As I told you in my hotel review here, I spent some days in Vienna with my mum. We walked through the city, did some shopping, just enjoyed life in general and of course ate all the good food. However one day it rained the whole day, so we spent some more time in the […]

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HOTEL REVIEW: Motel One “Staatsoper” Vienna

Today I am launching a new category on my blog: Hotel Reviews. I love reading them on other blogs, because I think they tell you more about a hotel, than the usually five star rating on google. I don´t stay at hotels as much as others do, but maybe I can help a few of…… Continue reading HOTEL REVIEW: Motel One “Staatsoper” Vienna