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LIFESTYLE: The Best Books for this Summer

The past half a year I had no time to read a book other than the mandatory ones for school, but now that it is Summer, I see myself laying at the pool with a cocktail and reading through the stack of books I have bought last week. Best thing ever! The best thing of…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: The Best Books for this Summer

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PERSONAL: ShortUpdates, Goals, Vacation and Announcement

It´s been a while since I updated you with everything that’s going on at the moment. There are the most exciting months ahead of me with lots of different projects, things I want to bring to life, a lot of travelling and just some nice time at home and with the people I love.  I…… Continue reading PERSONAL: ShortUpdates, Goals, Vacation and Announcement

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My favourite bloggers: Austria Edition

Austria offers not only Mozart, Sachertorte and a beautiful landscape. but also incredible talented bloggers and social influencers. I started really Blogging one year ago, but I followed lots of the People below before that, so I can assume that they provide you with the most incredible Content, some artsy Pictures and of course a…… Continue reading My favourite bloggers: Austria Edition

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GIFTGUIDE: Presents for your dad

When it comes to birthday or christmas presents, my dad is the one I struggle with every year. Whenever it comes to June or Christmas, my heart starts beating and I struggle with finding the perfect presents. And altough he says he won´t need anything, I want to give him something in order to show…… Continue reading GIFTGUIDE: Presents for your dad

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LIFESTYLE: Coffee in bed, family time and fresh flowers

It´s been such a long time since I did a personal post on here so I thought that I change that today and give you a little life update. As you may know: I am currently doing my A-Levels. The first exam is going to be at the beginning of May, so the next few…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: Coffee in bed, family time and fresh flowers

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LIFESTYLE: My 5 Favourite Series on Netflix

Since April is the month with the baddest weather in general, I thought I would share some Netflix-series with you that I love. First I want to say that I don´t like mystery or horror things, so if that is your kind of style, I am sorry but this post won´t be for you… I…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: My 5 Favourite Series on Netflix

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To buy or not to buy?… That´s the question. Since a long time I fancy a new camera for travelling, which is not to heavy but makes some really nice pictures, so I can keep all my memories in the best quality. After I did some research there was one camera I didn´t get my mind off:…… Continue reading REVIEW: Olympus PEN E-PL7