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LIFESTYLE: Netflix and Books Pt. 3

Is there anything better than browsing through Netflix on a cold, snowy day during semester break? I don´t think so. The past few two and a half week I had the pleasure to enjoy a lot of this time and I also had a lot of time to enjoy some really good picks out of…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: Netflix and Books Pt. 3

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INTERIOR: My Homebase in Pictures

Hello my loves! Today I have a little Visual Diary from my flat. I changed some bits and pieces and added some things. As you might have seen in recent posts, I am a lover of the white Scandinavian Style, which means that my flat is as white as Sweden in Winter. But of course…… Continue reading INTERIOR: My Homebase in Pictures

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LIFESTYLE: How I edit my Instagram and Blog Pictures

A while ago some of you asked if I could share how I shoot and edit my blog pictures and Instagram pictures and of course I am more than happy to share my knowledge with you. Please note that I am not a “Pro” whatsoever, and everything I know is self-taught and could be improved…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: How I edit my Instagram and Blog Pictures

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RECIPE: Kladdkaka

Happy Valentines Day my loves! I hope you have a lovely day! Even tough I don´t really celebrate Valentines Day in the commercial way, because I think that if you love somebody you have to show it everyday, or at least try it. I don´t get it, why take 1 out of 365 days per…… Continue reading RECIPE: Kladdkaka

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BEAUTY: January Favourites

If you look out of the window these days, you can see definitely that spring is coming our way, which I am a little bit sad about due to the fact that I am the biggest Winter lover on this planet earth, especially with snow falling in front of my window, but okay at least…… Continue reading BEAUTY: January Favourites

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LIFESTYLE: My Bullet Journal

New year, new plans, new planner! Altough the year is nearly one month old, it is not to late to get organised and crush it. When it comes to planners and calendars I am definitley oldschool. I love handwritten journals and I will ever do, although I tested the Iphone Calendar, other than my day…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: My Bullet Journal

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DRINKS: Gin ´n´coffee

The second you are reading this I finished the first semester of my studies at the university, which sound honestly quite surreal. I can remember myself back in October thinking how long this study will take and if I really want to dedicate three to five years of my life to it. And after finishing…… Continue reading DRINKS: Gin ´n´coffee