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RECIPE: Gluten-free Pumpkin Spice Waffles

Autumn has finally arrived here in Salzburg! Fiiinallllyyyy! No more 30 degrees day, but rather some rain and colder weather and I just loovvveeee it. The rustle of the Autumn leaves beneath your feet, a big scarf around the neck, a dirty chai latte in my hand, university whilst rain is banging against the window……… Continue reading RECIPE: Gluten-free Pumpkin Spice Waffles

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TRAVEL: Where to eat in NYC

Before we even start here let´s make it clear right from the beginning: New York City is my new food-mekka! (Iam so sorry London!) Before I went to NYC I did a lot of research, since we only had four days to explore most of the city, so before boarding an airplane I had more…… Continue reading TRAVEL: Where to eat in NYC

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RECIPE: “Applestrudel” Porridge

The leaves are falling down the trees in hundreds of colours and although the temperature is not really dropping under 20 degrees, a slight hue of “Autumn feeling” is in the air and I am not going to lie ” I loovveeee it!”. Autumn is just my favourite season of the year. Not only because…… Continue reading RECIPE: “Applestrudel” Porridge



Some of my favourite snapshots from our perfect 4 days in New York City. I loved every single second of it and fell deeply in love with that city! I am looking forward to my next visit and to explore the city further!

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HOTEL REVIEW: The Peninsula New York

Located at the north of the 5th Avenue in New York City, only two blocks away from Central Park, you will find paradise, or the closest you can be to paradise on earth: The Peninsula. Something “normal” people like me, pass and envy all the people that live there. But not this time! My mum…… Continue reading HOTEL REVIEW: The Peninsula New York

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RECIPE: Autumn Crumble

Finally, Summer has moved his “hot ass” out of my way and made space for the best time of the year, which are definitely the months from October to February, without doubt! I mean golden leaves, Christmas, lots of cozy evenings with tea and blankets, my birthday of course, Christmas markets, mulled wine, seeing the…… Continue reading RECIPE: Autumn Crumble

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INTERIOR: Storage Ideas for small spaces

Endless storage space, a walk-in closet, an seperate office… that´s what my dreams are made off. However, reality looks way different. Living in a 25 qm flat does not leave you with endless space and storage possibilities so you have to arrange yourself (and the hundreds of bits and bobs that you actually need, but…… Continue reading INTERIOR: Storage Ideas for small spaces

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RECIPE: Vegan, Gluten-free Espresso-Brownies + Where I have been

  Hellooooo, long time no see! I missed you so much! Only yesterday I had time to realise that my last post was over two weeks ago. Sometimes I just cannot believe how time flies by. The last weeks were very hectic and stressfull and besides the work there was hardly anytime for anything else…… Continue reading RECIPE: Vegan, Gluten-free Espresso-Brownies + Where I have been