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LIFESTYLE: 5 Apps I love!

Since two weeks, the weather in Carinthia indecicive, sometimes we have 30 degrees and are looking for the next fridge to hide in, a few minutes later it is absolutely chucking it down with thunder and lightening. A little crazy! Unfortunately, when it rains outside I am constantly one my phone, checking non-sense on social media. And after some hours I actually forgot what I read. But actually there was one positive aspect  of my time-wasting  I stumbled upon some pretty good apps that I love and today I am going to share them with you!


This app is a true lifesaver for all the people that have tiny wallets like me. My wallet has space for five cards and not more, which means that actually there is no space for any cards that I do not use on a regular base. That´s the point where Stocard becomes really handy, since it stores all your bonuscards and you can easily take them all with you on your phone. It is so much easier.


I think this nothing to revolutionary, since it is a favourite of many people. This is my go-to app when editing pictures for Instagram. I just love to see the pictures and giving them a personal touch. I also think that the possibilities of editing are great. I love the A filters!


Whenever I have no inspiration for food (which happens regular on uni days!) this is the first thing I open up. They have a great collection of recipes for all kinds of diet and occassions. And the recipes are easy to follow, unusual and beautifully photographed. They also over a Foodboom- Magazine, which is really nice illustrated and I love the recipes, since they are easy to do, but always have an interesting twist like for example fruitsalad with crispbread crunch.


A very good app for students (and others) that want to have an overview over their budget. You can define different budgets and savings and incomes. And I found that if I put something aside and I see that I saved that much, I am less likely to spend it or remove it.


My all time favourite for waiting at the doctors or anything else. It does not use as much Akku as regular games and you also train your brain, so what else do you need?

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