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HOTEL REVIEW: Doubletree by Hilton, Krakow

A little bit hidden in the periphery of Krakow, you will find the Doubletree by Hilton, which was home for me over the Easter weekend. We stayed there two nights, which was just enough time to get to know the city a little bit as well as the hotel and its amnesties. I have to admit that I did not use the pool or sauna, so I can not really say something about those. But of course I had to write a review for you!

What I did not like about the Doubletree
-Location: Honestly spoken, I was really happy about the fact that we came with our own car, because the Doubletree is located around 4-5 km from the city centre, which is something that has to be considered if you do not have your own car with you. You have to drink the evening cocktails at the hotel bar, or take the public services!

No free parking:The hotel did not offer free parking. Do not get me wrong I know that not every hotel offers it, and I really understand when a hotel does not own the facilities or is directly located in the city centre so the space is limited, but the Doubletree had the facilities and was no where near the city, so I found it quite surprising that parking was not free of charge.


What I liked about the Doubletree

The WelcomeCookie: My last stay with a hotel, which is a member of the Hilton Cooperation was a long time ago, so I had no clue that you get a cookie at the beginning of your stay, therefore it was a really nice surprise for me and I really appreciated that. The cookie tastes amazing and was warm from baking, so nothing to complain there!

– The Breakfast: Although the infrastructure of the breakfast was quite confusing (it took us two days to find out that they had pancakes!), the variety of breakfast offers was really amazing. Other than some competitors, the Doubletree in Krakow had also some polish specialities for breakfast, which was interesting to get to know. Despite of the fact that herring for breakfast is not my first pick, I really appreciated the opportunity to try some local specials. Also the rest of the buffet was good (especially their homemade granola!) and I really enjoyed having breakfast there.

The Design (inside): I have to admit, that the first impression was no the best, because the building outside looks boring and it is located right behind a bigger shopping centre, so if you want to have a nice view outside your window, this hotel is not your best option. But my opinion changed completely when I first stepped inside. Because in there it was really modern and beautifully, very light and clean and I loved it. Also the rooms where really appealing, spacious and modern. Loved it!

-The staff: Everybody I met there was really polite and friendly, from the reception to the staff at the breakfast buffet.


To sum up, I really liked our stay at the Doubletree in Krakow, but I think I would choose another hotel if I would not have a car, just for the reason that the location of the hotel is not the most convenient. Other then that I would definitely recommend the Doubletree. Going with a classical Star rating, I would give the Doubletree: 3,6/5 Stars!






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