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LIFESTYLE: March Favourites


Long time no favourites post! But here I am, I know I know, you all have been waiting for this moment, because you are desperate to know what I loved during the last month (I saw that eye rolling!). Although I am not a big fan of March, because it is neither Winter, nor really spring and normally the weather is not that warm, but also not really cold and I do not know March and I are not the greatest friends. But I have been loving quite some things this month, which I want to share with you. I picked something from nearly every aspect of my life. I hope you enjoy!

X Essie – Clothing Optional

I saw this nail polish on a friend and I was so obsessed with the colour. It is a very chic purple/pink colour and is in my opinion perfect for spring. I am generally obsessed with pink polishes, I think in the last two months it was either Essie´s “Spin the Bottle”, or “Clothing Optional”. In my opinion these types of colours even work with shorter nails, which is something I admire at a nail polish (washing up on a daily basis is just not the best for your nails!).

X YSL – Black Opium

I love this parfume so much! Even tough I did not discovered it last month (I am actually on my third bottle, so I used it for nearly two years!), I fell in love again with it. I am one of those people, who choose their parfume depending on their mood and in the last few months I just did not felt it. I opted for way more lighter smells! But in March I did not wear anything else. Black Opium is a very dark, sexy, sweet and rich smell, which are the kinds of smell I absolutely love. You have to give it a smell!

X Black Tea

I never thought that I am ever going to cheat on coffee and recommend a tea here, but the day is here. As you might know I have some problems with my digestion and my doctor recommended to reduce the amount of coffee I drink. Before you hit the comment section, I know that black tea has nearly the same ingredients as coffee, but the advantage with it is, that I can drink it without milk and it tastes good, whereas I really struggle to drink black coffee for the whole day. I really start to enjoy a cup of black tea, or even peppermint in the evening, rather than having a black coffee.

X Long walks

Something I also rediscovered in March are long walks. I used to do them on a daily basis back in January, but then somehow left the threat, but I did way more in March and I have to say I really fell in love again. Especially on the weekends I usually go from my flat to the city centre of Salzburg, have a coffee in the sun and then walk back.

X Fika & Hygge

My mum got me this book for Christmas, and ever since I am obsessed with it! I love Sweden so much and the recipes in there are just so good, beautiful photographed and also bring back some memories of our family trips to the North. I tried out three recipes up to now, but my resolution for this year is to try every single recipe, which is in there.

X Monin – Coconut Syrup

Just the word coconut makes me excited. As you may know, I love love love the taste and smell of coconut and some weeks ago I went past a mini size of the Monin Syrup in the coconut flavour, which obviously jumped in my shopping basket (Naughty Syrup!). When I want a little treat, I put a little bit in my coffee or mix it with milk and ice cubes, which is just the best thing ever!.

Let me know what you enjoyed the past month! Love, Sophie



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