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TRAVEL: Up in the Air!



“Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand time!”
                                                  – Asian Proverb-

This might be my favourite post to write ever (I know this is quite a statement!), but as I write this here, I have a big smile in my face and I am so excited for all the things to come now! Two weeks ago I had the best day of this year so far, because we booked not only one, but two incredible trips this year and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for my parents, who always travelled with us, no matter what. We also did not do only one week to the nearest beach, but really incredible and unusual trips, that made as a person curious about other cultures and countries and might even have influenced my decision to study tourism management (Can you see the link there?). However, I understood later when I had to pay for myself for my first own journey, that my parents had spent a Porsche so that we could do all these amazing family trips and I hope I am able to afford that in the future to go travelling with my own children one day (or sent my parent somewhere!) I can luckily say that I have seen quite some bit of the world up until now, and there are many places that have to be visited! Some of them I can tick off my bucket travel list, but lets dig into my travel plans for this year!

First of all here is my travel bucket list of places I want to visit within the next ten years:

  • New York
  • Marrakech
  • Los Angeles
  • Lofoten
  • Lissabon
  • South Africa
  • Tel Aviv/Israel/Jerusalem
  • Hong Kong
  • Sydney/Australia
  • Tulum/Mexico

I know this will require quite some time (and some pocket money), but I think it is manageable, especially with considering the fact that I am going to tick two of them this year! So let´s get into the destinations of this year:

  • Vienna: Although it is just a day trip I am always excited to go to Vienna. I do not think that I could ever live there, but for a day or two it is actually really nice and I enjoy it very much. The main reason to go there is to sort out some passports since the German embassy is there, but I think we will have some time to also have a stroll through the city and go for a coffee and a cake to Demel.
  • Krakow: The first thing is a little two days trip to Krakaw in March. We never visited Poland and since my mum is a historian, she always wanted to see “Auschwitz/Birkenau”. So we will visit Krakaw and then also go to the “Auschwitz memorial”. This is definitely not going to be easy and I also would not say it is a vacation, but in my opinion it is important to confront yourself with devastating things like that in order to learn from it and to make sure that this is not going to happen again. People tend to forget history!
  • Marrakech: First tick done on the list! I always wanted to go to Marrakech and my mum too, so we packed the whole family and we will fly to Marrakech in May. I admit I am most excited for all the interior stuff that is available there, but also to get a feeling for the culture. And I never visited Africa before so I can also tick off a continent I guess! I also searched for the best coffee shops and restaurants, and what to see and do and I am more than excited! This was a dream for years now to go there and seeing the booking confirmation makes me dance and scream, because I am so happy!
  • Lake Como: We were thinking about doing a roadtrip to the “Lake Como”, because neither of us has been there and it is only around a 7 hours drive from us. But we did not book anything yet, because we want to decide that short-term, depending on the weather and all other factors.
  • New York: All my dreams came true! For year and years I wanted to go to New York so badly! I wanted to go after my A-Levels, but we decided to go to London instead. Two weeks ago I was sitting on the couch and looking into my calendar for the year and I recognised that I have some time available in October where I do not work or go to university and I decided to take the time and fly to New York for a week. Of course my mum joined and now we will fulfil my dreams to go to New York. I cannot think of a better travel buddy than my mum, because we like the same things, and I know this holiday trip is going to be very special and amazing!

I think that’s all that is fixed! Of course I will have some day trips to Munich, Vienna or Venice and maybe some trips to the mountains, but I have not booked anything yet! If yo visited one of those locations, please leave some recommendations in the comments! I love to explore personal favourites!






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