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LIFESTYLE: Lenovo Yoga 720 Review


As you might have read in my “what I got for birthday and Christmas post” my parents gifted me to a new laptop, because my old loved Vaio gave up slowly but surely and since I can proudly call myself a student since October I spend quite some time of my day in front of the computer and I had to commit that the relationship between me and my laptop has expired. After quite some research and comparing I decided to go for the “Lenovo Yoga 720”, which can be also transferred to a tablet.

First of all I was searching for a smaller laptop (As a teenager I went for a 17 inch one, because I needed it for movies and Sims! I mean yeah…. priorities! Let me tell you I regretted this decision every time I had to take my laptop somewhere!) and furthermore it had to be way more light, because a big screen means a big increase in overall weight… not ideal if you have to take it to university everyday. At the time of buying I already had an iPad, therefore I really wanted a laptop and no tablet. After using my laptop for three weeks I recognized that I was not using my iPad anymore and I gifted the tablet to my sister, whose laptop is struggling to even turn on. She was very happy about it!

What I love about the Lenovo Yoga 720

  • The look (For all the people who roll with their eyes: I see you!) This is definitely not the most relevant factor for a laptop, but for me I would always choose the better looking one over an other n with the same features. From the look, the Yoga is very simple and easy. The Yoga is also available in other colours like gold for example, but I did not wanted to pay 400 Euros more, just to have the same laptop, and features, but in gold.
  • The touchscreen This my friends is an absolute game changer! I would never have imagined how a touchscreen on a computer can change your life, but trust me it does. Especially when it comes to writing at university, because you can just write something by hand into the powerpoints or furthermore draw some graphics you might need. Also when it comes to the day-to-day uses, a touchscreen makes scrolling through websites so much easier. And I have never ever missed my IPad ever since! I am going to buy a pen for the computer in the nearer future, so that i can draw more exactly. You only have to consider that you are going to use the touchscreen on other peoples laptop too, if you want to show them something and it does not work! I always laugh at myself if I touch the screen on my mums laptop and nothing happens!
  • The weight My shoulder loves this fact even more! The Yoga is lighter than my iPad and its keyboard and even if I have to take notebooks, books, pencils and other bits and bobs, I do not think about taking the laptop, I just pack it. It makes my life so much easier. Also I find myself why more often working at near coffeeshops, because I can really concentrate there and  never did that with the “oldie”.
  • The feeling When working on a laptop on a day-to-day basis, you have to like the feeling of your keyboard and I can happily say that I love the feeling of my laptop. The keys are easy to push and the keyboard has the right size for my smaller fingers.
  • Windows 10 I know this is not a feature of the actual computer but I really like Windows 10. I think its way more easier to handle than Windows 8. I also like the look of it
  • The Audio I am so amazed on how good the speakers of my laptop are, every time! So good


Some notes/improvements:

  • Tablet Function I have to admit that I do not use the tablet function as much as I thought I would. But I also do not miss my IPad, I just do not use a tablet anymore.
  • The Finger Print Sensor This is sort of a love-hate relationship, because at the beginning the sensor was working perfectly fine, and I absolutely loved it so much! But then with using the computer it came a time where the sensor was not working properly. I do not know exactly why, but sometimes it does not want as I want. We will see how our love turns out.




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