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LIFESTYLE: Netflix and Books Pt. 3


Is there anything better than browsing through Netflix on a cold, snowy day during semester break? I don´t think so. The past few two and a half week I had the pleasure to enjoy a lot of this time and I also had a lot of time to enjoy some really good picks out of my mums library (she has the best one I swear!). I thought I put some of my favourites together for if you also got some three time like I did. Enjoy with some popcorn!

1.The Crown

I think if you have Netflix you had to stumble across this series willy-nilly. But if you have not pressed enter yet, please do now. Since the second series started back in December I was obsessed with it and loved it so much. This series is so beautifully made, the actresses suit the series very well and the best thing on top is that you learn a lot whilst watching it. Does it get any better? I don´t think so, at least you do not get feelings of guilt when you spend your time just watching TV. I hope they bring out a new series in the near future, because I cannot wait.

2.Downtown Abbey

My mum and I started again (I think its the sixth time or seventh? Maybe I lost counting!) and evening after evening we fall in love again… and again. At home we love series with a historic background, which means that the crown, downtown abbey and call the midwifes are permanent users on our TV screen. And I would recommend every single one of them.


You might think now: ” What the hell am I reading here?”, let me just say that most of the books I read in the past two weeks were travel guides, because I have some really exciting trips planned this year and yes I am one of those super old school people that buy travel guides, because I think it is so much easier if you read something in there to find it because you have the maps and all that kind of stuff, also if you look at the second big book shelve (yes my mum has several ones!), you can see all the trips we have done as a family so far in travel guides, which is something I really really like to look at. Tell me if you want to see a travel guide collection and which ones I can really recommend.


This might be familiar to all the Austrian fans here on my blog, since some of us call it a “Kultserie” as you would say here in Austria. I have to say I bloody bloody love it so much!


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