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LIFESTYLE: My Bullet Journal

New year, new plans, new planner! Altough the year is nearly one month old, it is not to late to get organised and crush it. When it comes to planners and calendars I am definitley oldschool. I love handwritten journals and I will ever do, although I tested the Iphone Calendar, other than my day to day class schedule from University, I go back to a handwritten journal and calender. In December I started my my own bullet journal, because I really liked the concept and at University I always have to carry two notebooks with me, one for all the dates and one for all my to-do´s, which is not the best solution as you might guess. It is heavy, it takes up space, but the worst thing is that I get confused all the time where I find everything, because sometimes I am in a rush and write notes in the wrong notebook and then I am searching.

But let´s make a long story short, I started my own Bullet Journal, because as I said I love the concept and since I am a creative person, I can be as creative as I want. I watched some YouTube tutorials on different layouts, so I can look for myself what suits my need the best and after a good thwo months of testing I can finally share with you some insights into my bullet journal and tell which layout I found helpful and which I would skip.

1.The Yearly Overview

I skipped that at the beginning of the year and I regret it really bad. Since you write the bullet journal from month to month (at least I do) it can be really annoying if you have dates to remember and you have not written the month where they are going to be, for example university exams. Now I have a list where I write dates down, which I then transfer to the month, but in my next bullet journal I will definitely include something like that.


2.Monthly Overview

This is something that really depends on the person, for example I would recommend a monthly overview to all students, because you can see all your exams and test on one view. For my mum for example this wouldn´t be necessary, because she has many dates for work, which don´t fit in a monthly overview but are all equal, so she will writes them in the weeks only.


This I would recommend everybody, because you can see one week at one view, you know what you have do to during this week and where you have to be. I tried different designs of the weekly overview but the design underneath works best for me, because I have enough space to write everything, it doesn´t look clustered and furthermore it does not take hours to make. I know that there are some people out there that spend hours and days on drawing in their bullet journal, but I have to say that I tried it and the drawings look only very clustered and confused me. Therefore I like mine in neutral colours and black and white so that I don´t overlook important stuff, but I really admire those wonderful styled journals.


4.Inspiration Quotes

From time to time I love to include inspirational quotes, because by the time I use the side I usually forgot what I wrote therefore I have an inspirational surprise from time to time! It gives you the extra kick that you need on a Monday for example!

5.To-Do List

The good thing with a bullet journal is that you can write as many to-do lists as you want, without loosing them, for every category (I think you get that I am a big fan of my bullet journal, right?).


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