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LIFESTYLE: What I got for Christmas and my Birthday

I know I know Christmas is over and this blog post is going up way to late, but you loved this post last year, so I definitely wanted to write this for you. On the 12th of January I turned 20, which was a little bit of a shock I have to admit. Having a 2 in front of your age makes you realize that time is going by way to quickly, but hey that´s life and I cannot change that, but I can just spent most of the time with things I love to do and people I really truly love. But okay let´s move the deep shit aside and admire the beautiful presents I got from my family and friends.

My biggest present which I got from my parents for my birthday and Christmas is a new laptop. After six years with my old Sony Vaio it feels like a new era. I went for the Lenovo Yoga 720 and I bloody love it so much. But I am going to write a detailed review about it. I can just say that it makes my life more than easy. My parents also bought me a toaster/waffle maker, which was something I really wanted for a long time. As of speaking being old, you know you are getting old when you are more than happy about a toaster/ waffle maker (next goal is a KitchenAid my friends!).


Furthermore my mum and my brother got me the cutest gift ever. When I was in Salzburg some weeks ago I really hurt myself on the stairs and I realized that I don’t have any plasters with me in Salzburg which ended in many packs of tissues. So therefore my mum got me the whole package of plasters and co. And my mum knows me best and she knows that I love things that are aesthetically pleasing, which I wouldn’t describe first-aid boxes as such a thing. My mum put all the things in a really nice black and white box, so that I can put it in my open shelf and it looks nice and nobody would ever know that this is a first-aid box. You have to love my mum, right?

Since I moved in October I was searching for a rug for the bathroom, you know these fluffy ones, because the floor in my bathroom is some sort of plastic and I can´t stand it. My sister set herself the goal to fulfil this wish for my birthday, and she bought me the most fluffy bathroom rug, but what was even more cute was her card that came with it. She is very good at drawing and all fancy art stuff and she drew me a toilet with a red ribbon on top, which looked absolutely amazing. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture when I was in Salzburg and I am currently writing this in Carinthia, so I cannot show you, but I will show it to you in the interior post that goes up in the next few weeks. So cute!

From my relatives I got some money for my Birthday and Christmas and I put some aside, in order to travel in the future and some I invested in some wishes I had for a very long time. Most of them were Interior related. I finally bought the James Bond Print I wanted for such a long time. Although Roger Moore isn´t my favourite James Bond I just love this print so much. It is something that will never get old and since it is black and white it will fit in every flat/house I will ever live in. I just love the good old black and white! Speaking of black and white I also treated myself to a Tine K Home Bowl, which I craved for such a long time and finally said to myself go and get it, and I have to say I couldn´t be more happy about it. It makes every meal a little bit special, but looks also so fantastic as a decoration piece. I will definitely get some more in the future!

I also treated myself to two marble chopping/decoration boards and some golden cutlery (you get all the fancy stuff here!). Although my dad rolled with his eyes when I cam back from the shopping centre with it, because he said that it makes no sense to buy cutlery that is not in the standard section of a shop because you cannot add cutlery later one, I bloody love it so much! (I mean at one point he is right, but screw it I love it to much for that!). Last but not least I treated myself to a new pair of headphones, because my Apple ones, gave slowly but surely up. I went for some silver Happy Plugs Headphones, because I heard really good things about them and I can say that I am really really happy with them. The sound is amazing, they fit and the wire is made out of a special material, so I have the felling that they are more stable than other headphones, but we will see how long the last! (Fingers crossed!)

Also I celebrated my birthday with two of my best friends, which was really really nice (you can recap this weekend here!)   One of my best friends got me a really really beautiful set of dinnerware in silver, which looks absolutely stunning. But I have yet to find the perfect place in my flat for it! From my other best friend I got some chocolate and a voucher, which comes in very handy if you are a student. Although some people say they don´t gift voucher, because they are not personally enough, but in my opinion they are a really good gift, because you gift people the opportunity to fulfil a wish they had for some time. I love vouchers!

What I got for Christmas

  1. Marble Boards
  2. Toaster/Waffle Maker
  3. Golden Cutlery
  4. Coconut Candle
  5. Tine K Home Bowl
  6. Happy Plugs
  7. James Bond Picture





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