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Giftguide: Under 50 Euro

3 weeks until Christmas! What? Where has the time gone? When I was a child, the time before Christmas would never go by fast it felt like years. All the grown-ups always said the time is going by so fast and I have so much to do and and and, I was sitting on the Couch and did not understood what they meant, I wrote my wishlist, we had the Cookies the tree, I was more than ready for Christmas but I had to wait for another infinity. This year I literally wish that the December has an extra 2 weeks, because I have the feeling that I don´t have enough time to really enjoy the festive time.

Last weekend I had a little browse through the internet and searched for some nice presents for family and friends, or at least searched for ideas. I thought I use the opportunity to put together a little giftguide for you. The best thing all the items on this picture are under 50 Euros but most of them are even less, but they are all very beautiful. I put together a little something, where I tried to include something for everybody.


1.”London” Candle 22,99 Euro

If you want to give me a presnt, you would make me always happy with  a nice scented candle and I think I am not the only one on this planet. In my opinion this is a very univeral present, which is suitable for nearly everybody. Especially if you know the favourite smell of the lovely Person. If you are not sure about the favourite smell, i would suggest a universal candle like the “Merry Christmas” or “Winter Spice” Candleby Broste Copenhagen. If the person you want to give loves the cities Paris, London or New York, I have the perfect candle for you. Westwing offers these candles for example and they tried to catch the smell of a certain City. Don´t worry they do not smell like cars, streets and everything you don´t want to smell, but they smell more like the things you would associate with that City, for example the London candle (which is my favourite) smells like roses, tea and all the other London things. I just love it!

London candle by Victorian

2. Ted Baker Portmonnaie 35 Euro

When I was in London one year ago I treated myself to one of these and since then I can´t live without it. They are just so easy to use, they fit in every single pocket, bag etc and furthermore they look just so incredible cute. I have the rose one with the rosegold Zipper and my mum owns one too and we are both just so happy with them. Also the Quality is amazing, because when I bought it I was slightly worried that it will be dirty quite fast and since you have your wallet every day in your hand I thought that it would wear out a lot. But there was no reason for worries at all. It is yet so beautiful as at the beginning:! For me this would be the perfect gift for your best friend or your sister!

Ted Baker purses

3. Desenio Prints ab 7,95 Euro

This is a present that you can easily adjust to the Person you buy it for. If ist your best friend it could be a quote about friendship. If your sister likes palm trees then order an artistic picture of palm trees. For instance I love London, therefore I have a citymap of London in black and White on my bedside. I think you get the drill! Also I have to say that I am a big fan of Desenio and I had a bad experience with them.


4. Chanel Lippenstift 35 Euro

Is there something more classy than a red lipstick by Chanel? I don´t think so! This is something I would treat my mum or grandma to. When I was a child my grandma always used to wear a classy red lip and nails like that. But suddenly she stopped wearing that and I don´t know why, so maybe she will wear that again if I gifted her a Beauty like this one!

“Marthe” Lipstick by Chanel

5. Laptop-bag 47 Euro

This is the most beautiful bag for a Laptop I have ever seen! Yeah I know it is a little expensive, but it is definitley something super special. The only thing you have to know is the size of the laptop. If you know somebody is going to get a laptop for Christmas this might be the perfect little gift for them! What I especially like about this bag is that it is black marble and not the usual white so it makes it extra special. If you think yeah I like the bag, but I hate the print, don´t worry they have it with white marble, a palm tree print and lots of other designs.

Laptop bag by WOUF

6. Hendricks Gin 33 Euro

If you have a gin lover in your family, thats the one. In my opinion Hendricks is the best and I also love the bottle. It looks so elegant and sophisticated. For instance I know that I would make my dad very happy with a bottle of gin! Maybe your dad is the same?

Hendricks Gin


I hope you like this giftguide. Let me know in the omments if you have any other suggestions for a nice present under 50 Euros!

Love, Sophie


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