LIFESTYLE: Holiday before the Holidays

Hello there!

Things at university start to get hectic, and I usually leave the house at 7:30am and come back at 9pm, which means there is no time to do anything other than university at the moment. As you might guessed by the title of this video, I am going for a little break! I don’t won’t to put together some blog posts I don’t really like just to get something up, therefore I am going on a blog holiday until the end of the month! If there will be some time, I will write a blogpost and put it up, but I don’t want to promise anything! I am starting then in December with all the good content again! In case you might miss me, add me on Instagram (@sophisticase) normally I am present there! Until then I wish you some beautiful days and all the best for whatsoever coming up in your life!

Love, Sophie


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