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LIFESTYLE: 3 Scented Candles you Need this Winter


Ohhh I just love a good scented candle. I think it leaves your rooms smelling incredible and also calms your body and mind. Everytime I burn a scented candle it reminds me of spas and it instantly relaxes me. Since moving burning a scented candle is even more a thing for me, because when I moved in the flat smelled not like me, but foreign and strange and in my opinion the smell of home is a big factor when it comes to the feel “home.

For somebody who recently moved out of their parents house, which was their home for 20 years, it is really really important to feel comfortable, cozy and “home” in their new place. Therefore I invested in some pieces to bring that feeling to life, including some really nice candles. I have to say I would absolutley love to own a Diptique candle because I find them so beautiful and especially the “Roses” candle smells amazing, but they are to expensive for me. Don´t get me wrong I think that they may be worth their Price because of the ingredients, but I would not spent 50 Euros on a beautiful candle. For me there is a hard line at the 20 Euro mark and even that is a point where I really think about my purchase.So the candles I picked for you today are between 3-18 Euros. And I really have to say that those three candles are up there on my favourite candle list of all time, so we better get burning those!

1.”Gingerbread” by IKEA

IKEA does some great candles, especially this year I am over the moon with the scents. I think I never left IKEA without buying at least one candle. My all time favourite is the vanilla one which is a standard candle of IKEA. But as I said the scents this year are incredible. They have a Gingerbread one, which I picked up and love to death, but also an apple-vanilla one and something with fig also. When my mum came to visit me she loved the gingerbread one so much that she drove to IKEA that day and bought to big ones. In my opinion IKEA candles are really nice. I actually never looked up whats in them so I cant comment on that, and I think that the scent of cheaper candles lasts not as long in a room as the one from a slighty more expensive one, but I mean for 2,99 Euros thats bearable. I mean an IKEA candle doesn´t look that stylish but as a little DIY you can make your own Labels for your candle. If you want a tutorial on that, let me know in the comments.


2.”COCONUT” by BROSTE Copenhagen

This is my second favourite candle of all time (My numer one is the last one in this post, so stay tuned). I found it at the “Westwung Pop Up Store” in Munich but lucky you, you can order it online. At the store and online on Westwing it costs 14,99 Euros, but I have seen it cheaper on Amazon I think, I can´t remember if it was thr Standard Price or if it was reduced, but definitley check that before you buy it anywhere else. Or you do it like my mum, who ordered 5 from our neighbours who have a store that sells BROSTE.


Just this sentence should make you clear that you Need this candle in your life, because one day my mum smelled it at my flat, the other day she calls me and said that she got my back because she just ordered five ones, in case I burned mine completley (I love you mum!). The candle itself looks very danish, which means it has a scandinavian vibe to it, means a minimalistic black and White label. It smells like a natural coconut would smell. You know this coconut scent that comes in shampoos and body lotions, which smells artifical and sweet? Thats (luckily) not the smell of the candle. It smells more like coconut oil, but a little bit sweeter, so I guess there is some vanilla in the candle. This one could be also a very nice present for someone special.


3.”Espresso” by Anthropologie

This is my favourite candle, because the quality is amazing and the smell is beyond beautiful. I was on the hunt for this candle a long time and I am so glad I finally got my hands on it. Absolutley in love! And I think the ratio of what you get and the price is very good, because the candle burnes very evenly and after finishing burning it you can use the jar, which comes with a lit, to store some bits and bops in. So cute.After finishing this one I have to check out some more scents because there is a pumpkin souffle one and a pear and cream, lavendar and something and and and, but for now enjoy the scent of freshy malted coffee, enriched with cocoa and patchouli in my flat.

Let me know, if you have some favourite candles and if you experienced the pricier candles and if they are worth the Money! Love, Sophie


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