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BEAUTY: 6 Nail Polishes You Want to Wear this Fall


Today I will give your nails a new colour, because after seeing this gorgeous colours, you want to paint your nails immediatley. Therefore, so we avoid any Troubles later one, I would recoomend putting some nail polish and a file right next to you! You´re welcome!

Recently I discovered that I am a “Seasonpolishlover”! You don´t know what that is? Don´t worry exept for me nobody does, but luckily you are about to find out. I discovered that I love every single nail polish in my collection, but I can only wear certaincolours in a certain season! Means that if someone offers me to paint my nails in my favourite berry colour polish, I would back off and was never seen again. Do the same thing in Autumn and I will crack a mask out and do a whole pamper routine! But let´s stop rambling! The only thing I have to add is that you are going to see a lot of reds and darker colours!



1.”Lady Like” by Essie

This is the perfect nude for fall, because it isn´t a pinkish nude but more of a cooler lilacy nude. Also it Looks nicer when you don´t have a strong tan, but more of a Little bit of colour! Perfect for Autumn apperently!


2.”Smokin Hot” by Essie

If you ever searched for a dirty lilac, thats your new best friend. It is not a usual lilac, because it has a hint of grey to it, which makes it more adult and chic.

3.”Shearling Darling” by Essie

I was searching for this sort of colour for such a loooonng time. Because I wanted a dark berry colour, but all the shades I found were to red or to berry until I found this holy grail. It is just absolutley perfect, not to berry and not to red. Just frickin´love it. By the way this is what is on my nails in the pictures.

4.”Rouge Pop Art” by Yves Saint Laurent

This is my all time favourite red. It is just one of those classic reds, but for me it is the absolute perfect red. Actually I can wear this all year round, but I think thats the only polish! (Shockin´right?)

5.”Particulere” by Chanel

This is a beautiful alternative to your usual nude. Its a very autumnal darker Brown but also has a slight of Grey into it which makes it again very adulty and chic.

6.”Tropical to view” by MAC

Last but not least we need some glitter in our life, don´t you think? It´s so beautiful and the colour you can Combine with nearly everathing. You can also wear this on it´s own or on top of another nail polish.





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