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INTERIOR: My tips on creating a picture wall

Desenio 1

It doesn´t matter which social network you open, the chance that you don´t see at least one picture with a picture wall on it is very low. They come in all sizes and formes, reaching from just 2 pictures up to walls full of pictures, with many different Frames, in gold, white, black and and and. With moving in my first flat and the freedom I have with decorating it, I decided to hop on the train and give it a go. Unfortunatley I don´t have a shop near me, where I can buy the style of pictures I want to  have, so I had to order the pictures online without knowing if they match in the end. Through this process I learned some things and today I am going to share them with you, in case some of you wanted a picture wall for a long time.


Yep an online shop is my first tip. If you don´t have heard from Desenio, it as an online shop, which sells posters, frames, and everything you need to hang up your posters. But what I love the most about Desenio is that they have a section called “Inspiration”, where you can see different posters in different combinations, which is very helpful when you decide which posters you want to get. The site provides a lot of ideas on how to hang the pictures or how you can combine them. I ordered my posters on Desenio and I have to say that I am very satisfied with the quality and the colours and also the paper quality is amazing. The only thing I wouldn´t recommend buying are the matching frames, because in my opinion they are very expensive. I bought mine at IKEA, because they cost way less and fit also like a glove.

2.Be sure what you like

Before even ordering Pictures you have to make sure, if you want to put your Pictures on the wall, so that they hang, or if you like to change the setting and you are more the  type for a picture batten like they offer at IKEA.   . I chose the last, because I am somebody that likes to move around things when it comes to pictures and interior. So IKEA offers a lot of variations where you can put on your pictures and be able to move them around as you like them best. But if you say “No, I want to put my Pictures on the wall, because I don´t intend to move them around every two weeks!”, IKEA offers another good solution (Guess you know that I am a big fan of IKEA now!). They offer a guide on how to hang up, different sizes of frames/pictures in order to make them look good. You can find them here. They are very useful and this way you have some great Inspiration and a good guide for your orientation.

Desenio 3


3. Look in your cart

When shopping pictures online, my biggest tip for you is to look in your cart! Because if the colour sheme of your pictures in the cart goes together, it will match on the wall and your result is going to be even better. Since I am a fan of neutrals I decided to go for a black and white theme, with a bit of beige, and dark blue. Since I am not quite finished with my flat, I am going to show you my wall and choices of pictures in my flat tour in a few weeks time.

4.Have fun

Play around, have fun! At the end it should be fun! If you aren´t sure on how to pep up your picture wall, try one golden frame or a silver one. Or try a funny Quote!

5.I can´t decide

If you are like me, you sit in front of your computer, days by days and can´t decide which posters and frames you should get, I am here to help you! The first one you want to select is a masterpiece, a mainpiece, something that catches the eye. Then, depending on how many extra pieces you want, assemble them around the one piece! It also Looks very cool, if you arrange different themes, but in the same colour sheme, around your mainpiece. For example a quote, a botanical pictures, mountains and a portrait.

Desenio 2Desenio 4

*Pictures are from Desenio


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