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LIFESTYLE: How to stay on top of the game with organization this year

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It´s that time of the year, there are two types of people: the ones who are excited for school and the ones who want an endless Summer. More and more children take their shopping list from school into their nearest stationer´s ( I loved that part!). Parents thank god because the Summer holidays are over. But with school, work, uni or life, comes also the big organization part, getting on top of things, tackle the stress and all the other things that come with it. Some people may find that easy and other struggle with that a lot. As a person who hardly had any problems with that, I am here to make your life easier. I am going to share my secret (and not so secret) tips with you. Even if you just have to upgrade your organization skills, I am here for you!


Before you click this blog post away because you think I know that sh** already. Believe me, I know how old school this sounds, but a good calendar is the base for everything else. Trust me it will make everything else way more easier. With buying/downloading a calendar you have to consider the layout. Think about what you need and which kind of calendar you want to use: for example, if you go to school you will need space to write down notes, homework or other important things, so it would be very useful if you have the week on the left side and space for notes on the right side. With the calendar on your phone, you don´t have the option to do such a layout, but you have to find your own way. For example my way are colours; blue is privat, red is business, yellow are important notes and green is family things I have to remember.

So here is what and how you have to put in your calendar:

  • dates (stunning or?) Important is that you mark very important events with a highlighter or underline them.
  • homework/tasks If you have the space, write it in there too, because you are able to see what tasks you have to do and how full your week is going to be, which means you know what to do when. But write just the name of the task in the date spaces, likely in the space of the day when you have to finish it, and then set a reminder some days before, so you remember doing it.

You don´t have to include:

  • To do lists I see so many people, who write their to do lists in their calendar, using the date spaces! Trust me, if your calendar looks full, you will get stressed out more likely. There are several calendars who provide some blank spaces at the end, where you can write down specific tasks, what you have to do for them, shopping lists etc. I personally have an extra notebook for all of that where I write the date on top and then the things I have to get rid of that day.

! If you own more devices, who support an electric calendar function, please remember to set up an automatic synchronization. It makes your life so much easier!

2. To-Do-Lists

Speaking of To-Do-List! This is the part where most people struggle with.Writing a to-do list is easy, but sticking to it is a real science.Normally people who feel stress, forget things and want to get back up in the game, write a To-Do-List! I can assure you that this is the absolut wrong way, because people who feel stressed about what they have to do, tend to write a million things on their To-Do-List, which is going to freak them out even more and being ahead of the game means that you are mentally also ahead!

If you ask yourself now:” Okay I understand that, but where is the solution for my problem then?”, I will go with you step by step and we are going to create a To-Do List together that doesn´t freak you out. The first step is the freaking out part, which means that you write down everything (and I mean everything) on one list (and yes I know that I told you a minute ago that that is the wrong way!).

Let´s say we have ten things to-do:

  • Doing the homework/uni project/work(1.) (Has to be done the day after tomorrow)
  • Do the weekly shop (2.)
  • Buy a Birthday present for your mum (3.) (if your mums birthday is tomorrow)
  • Responding to emails (4.)
  • Make an appointment at the doctors (5.)
  • Do the washing (6.)
  • Collect a parcel from the post office (7.)
  • Baking a cake for your mum (8.)
  • Clean the flat (9.)
  • Calling your grandmother (10.)

So here are 10 typical things! How that turns into the perfect to-do list?

1.Now the first thing to do is that you take 4 colours of your choice. One for more important than the president of the United States (red), One for has to be done today(blue), One for should be done today (yellow) and one for could be done tomorrow (green). Take the colours and underline the tasks by colour and how urgent they have to be done today. You can train on the tasks above, think on how important they are and sort them after colour. My solution would be:

Red: 3, 8,

Blue:1, 2, 6

Yellow: 4, 7,

Green: 5, 9, 10

2. For the next stop you have to write the list down exactly in that order, so you can tick the points when you have done them and you know the lower you get, that you have the most urgent things done and if you can´t do some things today it isn´t that bad. This concept will give you a much more calm mind.

3.Start ticking up your list! But remember on the next day I wouldn´t recommend changing the order so when the only thing left on your list, is “Calling your grandma” then that is the first task you have to do on the next day, otherwise the task is not important ever and you won´t call your grandma. If you feel overwhelmed nevertheless, just write the tasks that are not so urgent on a seperate page.

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Yep you´ve read right, even with your stationary you can make your organization life a lot easier.For example in school or uni it makes your life so much easier, if you are using colours who are dedicated to one subject. It means that you know on your desk what it is or in your school bag. My new friend is also an label-maker, which helps you a lot and also looks super cool and retro (I even labeled my kitchen storage glasses).

4. Home

I am one of those persons who are unproductive and freaking out if I am sitting at a desk that is messy af, a room that is messy af and the thing that bothers me the most is that I can´t concentrate and messing up my time shedule.My tips for keeping your home and work place clean and organized are:

  • Sometimes things can be a little bit overwhelming and thats why you shouldn´t reach that point. Set yourself a time frame where you clean or organize or just make sure that you can be productive at your workplace. Also I would also set a time frame every week where yo do housework.
  • The best thing I´ve ever invested in? Those things you put cutlery in in your drawer.Take on of those and put it in the drawer of your desk, it is a game changer and makes stying organized so much easier.
  • If you struggle with organization you may have to much stuff! If this is the case please read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This is an absolute game changer and will make your life so much easier when it comes to organization. The minute you finish this book you want to stand up, grap a trash bag and want to throw away half of your stuff and believe me you will never regret it!





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