INTERIOR: Finds for the flat



The day has come! I´ve got my first own pair of keys for my first own flat! (You can read some more details here). My dad and I spend some days, painting the walls new, building some furniture and doing some other bits and bobs around the flat (I am glad I have a dad, who has some really useful skills when it comes to buildiung and co.). Now the fun part is mine: picking furniture, decorating… as I told you here I am looking forward to this. Since I am going to move in the middle of September I am not in a hurry to find everything, but I shopped some bits already and stumpled upon things that are making their way straight on my wishlist.

When it comes to interior I am more of a simplicity-person nowadays: much white, black and some muted pops of colour andddd I am back into gold! I know I know, but I just can´t deal with rosegold anymore. So I went for some gold accents instead. As I said I am going with the Scandinavian vibe and I aam more into this simple and clean look. Not like some years ago, when I used to put every piece of decoration out I owned, just because I thought that otherwise I am going to waste a beautiful piece. Today I would describe this look as “messy-chic”.

I put together some of the things that are on my wishlist, accidently there are some more blushes of pink on there, than normal, but I´m fine with that. Recently I have fallen in love with Westwing, not only because they have the most sophisticated furniture and decoration, but also because the sample pictures on how to style the things are beautiful and inspiring! I mean Westwing is definitley on the more expensive side and I think that you can get for some things cheaper dupes, but if you have really fallen in love with something it is definitley worth it to invest. My other all time favourite shop to buy interior things is H&M Home . You can see here what I bought in my first haul and I can assure you there is another package on it´s way to me. But I am also very excited to shop in there, when I am going to Stockholm in December! Last but not least an all time favourite (unfortunatley) is Maison du Monde. I find there something all the time! And I think they have a very good mix between cheap and expensive!

Finds for the flat

1.Sparkling Pillow: I saw this pillow in Maison du Monde, but didn´t end up buying it because I wasn´t sure on the colour and how good it would fit, now..as you occasionly do… I regret that I didn´t buy it, because it would look absolutley gorgeous as a decoration pillow on my bed.

2.The pink chair: My dream in a chair! It has a Scandinavian design, but more of an antique look and the colour is stunning. Unfortunatley I have no idea where to put it in my flat, which is the reason why it stays on my wishlist and isn´t packed in a parcel on the way to me!

3. Gold accent glasses: When I was on the website I saw the matching watercaraffe (which was on sale) and bought it and also some glasses. A few days later I realized that there exist matching glasses, but I bought some others so they are absolutley not necessary, therefore another thing, which sits on my wishlist!

4.The pink blanket: Together with my wish to become a princess, I dreamed ever since from a blush pink blanket I can put over my bed when its day. The moment I saw this on Westwing I knew that this was my princess blanket. The only thing that wasn´t as “blushy” as the rest was the price (349,-) and since I am a student, trying to live on my own with my own money, there is no chance at the moment I am spending this much money on a blanket.

5.Scandinavian Chair: This is no longer on my wishlist, but it was for a long time. Next Tuesday I am going to pick two of these beauties up! Looovveee alert!

6.The golden lamp: As with the blanket this is a wish that has to be postponed due to financial reasons, but it is a big one!


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