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VISUAL DIARY: Hamburg and Cologne

I love going on holiday and traveling so much and all the pictures that come with it, but with most trips they end up on a computer never ever seen again (exept for the times when you have to transfer pictures to another computer or device and end up, just starring at old pictures, right?)…… Continue reading VISUAL DIARY: Hamburg and Cologne

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RECIPE: Cookie Dough Cake

Last Sunday we celebrated the 14th birthday of my sister. We had a super chilled Sunday, she had some friends over and in the evening we went for a Pizza in Italy. But there is no birthday feast without a good birthday cake. My sister wanted cookie dough, M&M,s, Pretzel, Chocolate, and and and. As…… Continue reading RECIPE: Cookie Dough Cake

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PERSONAL: Moving Out, Future and University

I remember me thinking: “When I am older I want to…”, but now I reached a point in my life where the sentence has to be “When I am older I want to…”. I think today is the day where I finally sit down and put all the feelings and fears I had throughout the…… Continue reading PERSONAL: Moving Out, Future and University

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BEAUTY: Essie “Gel Couture” Nail Polish

I am one of these persons that are actually enjoying doing their own nails! I just love sitting there, with a cup of tea or coffee, watching some YouTube Videos or a nice film on the TV and just painting my nails in various different colours. It´s a little ritual of mine! Since years and…… Continue reading BEAUTY: Essie “Gel Couture” Nail Polish

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TRAVEL: Where to eat in Hamburg

I can assure you: this post is going to be yummy! Today I am going to share some of the restaurants and cafes we tried in Hamburg and that made their way into my heart. We tried some more, but I didn´t loved them, so they didn´t made their way onto here. I was really…… Continue reading TRAVEL: Where to eat in Hamburg

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HOTEL REVIEW: Crowne Plaza City Alster, Hamburg

I can´t believe how the time is flying by, it is nearly a week since my sister and I came back from Cologne and Hamburg, where we did a little vacation and also visited our relatives. It was really beautiful and relaxing, but throughout the next few posts I am going to share some more…… Continue reading HOTEL REVIEW: Crowne Plaza City Alster, Hamburg

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LIFESTYLE: My Jewellery Collection

Diamonds are a girls best friend, or? I agree, altough I don´t own any diamonds (yet:)), I have collected and have been given some quite special pieces of jewellery. Two years ago the doctors discovered that I am allergic to nickel, which is why I can only wear “real” jewellery, therefore I collected some “forever” pieces…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: My Jewellery Collection