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AUSTRIA WEEK: An Austrian Touch in your Kitchen

Today I have a special DIY for you! I am going to show you a really nice way to bring some of the “Austriaspirit” into your Kitchen. I don´t know why or how I came up with the idea, but I really love it. I made some kitchen towels for my mum and I thought why not put some embroidery on. I searched for some Austrian words, which are used in combination with eating, kitchen or food in general and embroidered them on the kitchen towel per hand. I liked them so much, that I had to show them to you! You can stich some Austrian words, but also your Name, initials, a friends name, words from your region, your language, evvverryytthinggg! I hope you enjoy!

You will need for 2 kitchen towels:

  • 70×90 cm, tight fabric. In my opinion you can get the best one at IKEA. For example both of the fabrics I used were from IKEA and were called “Berta Ruta”. The fabric also comes in black or like a navy blue if you want, but I thought red and grey suit Austria the most!
  • A piece of white linen
  • Some stitching yarn in the color you want
  • Needles
  • Scissors 
  • A sewing machine
  • Ruler
  • Matching yarn for the fabric

1. First you want to cut your fabric in two 40x60cm pieces with 2 extra centimeters all around. Take your sewing machine, put in the matching yarn and sew the extra fabric in, so that it is sealed and there are no “open” parts of the fabric.

2. Take your piece of linen and an erasable pencil and write the word you want to stich on the linen. Take the stitching yarn and stich the word. I made that with a back stich, which mean you put the needle a littlebit further in and then stich back, then you put the needle half a centimeter in front of the first hole you made and stich back then into it. It may sounds really difficult, but it is really easy and fast. Maybe you want to watch some YouTube videos on it.

3. So if you finished the word you place the piece of linen on your fabric, where you want it to be. You may want to secure that with some pinning needles. Now you have to options, you can do the messy look (not in a bad way), where you just need the “Normal” stich, and secure the linen by going round a few times. I like the look of this very much but it doesn’t last as long as other stiches do. The other option is to seal everything with a zickzack-stich, which is what definitely lasts longer. I did that on my towels, because a kitchen towel gets used quite regularly and therefore you want it to be as strong as possible!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you recreate it, I definitely want to see your creations. 

Love, Sophie


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