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AUSTRIA WEEK: 24 Hours in my Hometown “Villach”

There can´t be a week about Austria without discussing my hometown “Villach”, so today’s post is dedicated to this beautiful city. I think sometimes we don´t appreciate our hometown enough, we take pictures when we travel, but our home is to “boring” to take a picture of, therefore I amgoing to show you with this post that there is more to see around you! 

May I introduce you?

So just to introduce you to Villach: it is the seventh biggest city in Austria (70.000 inhabitants) and is located in the very South at the Italian boarder. The region around Villach is very popular, due to the fact that we have 7 lakes around the city and also some nice mountains. So all year around many people enjoy the benefits of the landscape. This includes hiking, swimming, sailing, skiing and and and… Now that you know Villach a little bit, lets go into some more details!

Everything you need to know for your travel and stay!

Villach is a transport nodal point, so regardless from where you are, it is easy to find a route. The region around Villach offers a variety of accommodations from expensive hotels to a camping place, there is something for everybody. I thought I put together some accommodations I like.

1.For the city explorer: Holiday Inn Villach

The Holiday Inn Villach is located in the heart of the city, which makes it the perfect accommodations for if you want to explore the city by feet, or if you have no car, because it is only 5 minutes away from the central station.

More information: here

2. For the wellness lover: Feuerberg Mountain Resort

This is perfect for everybody, who loves mountains and relaxing. The hotel is located at “Gerlitzen” and you have the perfect view over the whole region. I wouldn´t recommend this, if you don´t have a car, due to the fact that you have to go up the mountain.

More information: here

3. For the camper: Strandcamping Gruber

This camping place is located directly at “Faaker See”, which is in my opinion the most beautiful lake around Villach. Also in the near of this location there are some really nice restaurants, so you can treat yourself to a nice dinner too.
More information: here

What to do in “Villach”?

First of all we have to decide whether you are the more relaxed type or the more active one? Villach and the region around it offers a variety of activities for both types! The other thing we have to think about is the season, because of course the activities change from season to season, therefore I put together to guides of activities for the winter and the summer season and then also for the different types of people! Enjoy

The relaxed traveler

Villach but also the rest of carinthia offers a lot of lakes, therefore we have a lot of Summer activities based around the lake. The relaxed traveler might want to just go for a swim, take a sunbath or just read at the lake, which you can do in Annenheim at the big public bathing beach. Something which is also offered at the most of the big lakes in Austria is crossing the lake by ship. For example after a relaxed day at the public bathing beach you can take the ship here, and relax in the sunset (crossing the whole lake takes around 2 hours).

 If you are the relaxed traveler but want to do something in the city, you can do the exact same thing at the Drau, which is the river that flows through Villach (here). After taking the ship you may be very hungry, so depending on what time it is, you can either go for dinner or you can go for a typical Austrian “Mehlspeise” and a good coffee. If you took the ship at the “Drau” the only thing you have to do is to go to Café Bernold, opposite from the shipping pier. But also the “Warmbaderhof” offers a lot of good cakes and of course “Konditorei Koloini”, where you have to try the famous “Villacher Torte“. 
In Winter the relaxed traveler can visit our “Kärntentherme“, which offers a variety of wellness programs. Also you can check out our big shoppingcenter “Atrio”, where you can treat yourself to a good coffee, some new clothes or other things you ever wanted. The las thing I would recommend is a walk in “Warmbad” just behind the Kärntentherme. The landscape is beautiful and there are also some deers. 

The active traveler

In Summer, both visitors and locals, enjoy the mountains around Villach for a good hike! You can check out my hiking guide in order to find some routes. Something I can recommend with children too, is to drive to the big parking space on top of Dobratsch and then go the antenna. You will have a beautiful landscape and you can look over the whole region of Villach. With some luck you may see some capricorns or other animals. Also there is a viewing platform where you can see Italy. Of course the lakes here, offer some nice things for active traveler too, for example you can do wasserski at lake Ossiach. Unfortunately I never did it myself, so I can´t give you any advise where to do it, but you can ask at the big camping place in Annenheim

The Winter offers of course the whole variety of ski sport. The nearest ski region from Villach is “Gerlitzen“. Sometimesyou may have luck and by the time you visit Carinthia some lakes are frozen and you can go iceskating. Otherwise you can go ice skating in the heart of Villach at Rathausplatz.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you liked best, if you have visited Villach before!

Love, Sophie

Pictures: 1,2,3,4,5,6,


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