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PERSONAL: ShortUpdates, Goals, Vacation and Announcement

It´s been a while since I updated you with everything that’s going on at the moment. There are the most exciting months ahead of me with lots of different projects, things I want to bring to life, a lot of travelling and just some nice time at home and with the people I love. 

I really deserve that, as the last few months were the most exhausting of my life and I am really really glad when I am finally holding this damn A-Level certificate in my hands. In my opinion it is really really disappointing how school comes to an end. I guess that´s everywhere the same, but for me these past months were absolutely devastating. They affected my personality, my friends, my body and my brain so much and for me that´s unbearable! I was somebody who loved to go to school, I loved to meet my friends, I was interested in learning new things and it was definitely a place, where I can compete. Iknow this sounds a little but arrogant, but this is a part of my personality. I had the luck that my biggest competitors in school, were alsomy best friends, so it was not a bad kind of competition, but rather a good and funny one, which made us test out our boarders. In this way my friends made me a better human being, but also a damn hard “bossgirl”.Thank you for that guys!

I think I am going to tell you a little bit about the future of this blog! As I said: the next couple of months are exciting and I am really looking forward to focuss on things I really want to do, rather than things I have to do! One goal for the couple next months is to bring the content of this blog to the best it ever as. 

As you may noticed, if you read my blog for some time now, the last months consisted mostly out of recipes and other things, which were not as personally, as I would have liked them to be. I want to include more me in the future, maybe even more post with me in front of the camera. Another goal of mine is to find myself again. I was not feeling well in the past. I was ill quite a lot and I just didn´t like my body as much as I usually do, so I want to find myself again. This is something I want to do in the Summer holidays a lot, since I am starting a new part of life in Autumn. When everything is fixed, I will definitely write a blog post about the whole change too.

Now I come to the fun part; the travelling. Olof my greatest passions! There are some trips planed and some not quite sure yet. Destinations these Summer are: Hamburg, Cologne, Genua, Portofino, every part of Austria I don´t know yet and some other destinations I can´t confirm yet. Make sure to follow my Instagram, so you won´t miss a single picture of these trips. 

I am especially excited for Cologne and Hamburg, because I am going on a roadtrip with my little sis. Going to be fun I guess. We are visiting some family in Cologne, which we haven´t seen in ages and then we go up the North for 3 days of Hamburg fun. Yeyy! I got some really exciting posts planed! Let me know if you wan´t to see a special kind of post! 

But before all of that I am going on a little blog holiday, just to recharge my energy and get some motivation back. This will take place from the 29th of June till the 9th of July.

And to sum up this post I have a little announcement for you, which I am really excited about: From the 17th of July till the 23th of July, I am going to do an Austria Week, where I am going to show you everything I love about Austria, some famous recipes with a twist, the beautiful landscape and in general the whole spirit of this beautiful country. Maybe there are some of you, who are going on a vacation here or even the locals that want to explore some new things.Stay tuned! And let me know in the comment, if you have something you always wanted to know about Austria! 

Love, Sophie

Pictures via Pexels


3 thoughts on “PERSONAL: ShortUpdates, Goals, Vacation and Announcement

  1. Just that post alone made me follow your blog. It looks like you are going to be posting some super interesting content and I am excited to read it! I agree with you that I really loved school when I was there (first year uni now) so it can be a bit sad leaving everything. Have fun travelling!!! So jealous!


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