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My favourite bloggers: Austria Edition

Austria offers not only Mozart, Sachertorte and a beautiful landscape. but also incredible talented bloggers and social influencers. I started really Blogging one year ago, but I followed lots of the People below before that, so I can assume that they provide you with the most incredible Content, some artsy Pictures and of course a lot of personality. Grab a Cup of coffee or tea, lean back and enjoy the creatvity and Motivation you are about to come across! Today I show you some of my favourite bloggers, so that they can make your life a little bit more beautiful too.


1.You rock my life by Nina

I mean look at the pictures….I think I don´t have to say more than that. The first and the second pictures are from her blog and I can tell you, every single picture on the blog makes you want to learn about photography in detail. In addition she is just a beautiful human being, her content is absolutley stunning and made with a big passion and her fashion style is a very inspiring mix between very chic and cool.

I love “You rock my life”, because you have the feeling, that there is so much personality and love between the lines. Also she lives in Salzburg,which is my favourite Austrian city, so of course I love her even more! Oh, I nearly forgot, for all the dog lovers out there, you will love Ninas blog annndd her dog Maxie, trust me!

2.Bikinis and Passports by Vicky

Vicky Bikinis and Passports2JPG

Vicky is my Instagram obsession. In my opinion she has the most perfect instagram account on this planet. She is one of those few people, who make their life instaworthy and at least I have the feeling, that there is also a lot of honesty on these pictures. Since I found Vickys Instagram profile by accident, I read her blog too, because oh my freakin’ good, there are some beautiful posts up there. Especially Vickys Travel posts and diarys are opened within a second, whenever a blog post notification pops up. Furthermore Vicky is a big style inspiration for me, because as you can see above, she sophisticated and gorgeous in every single picture.

In addition I have to say that Vicky has together with Nina and Kathi another blog called “The Daily Dose”,which you have to check out, especially if you are a fan of fancy drinks on a bubbly Friday and a fan of great pictures combined with some lovely words.

3.Who is Mocca? By Verena

Who is Mocca was one of the first blogs I have ever read in my life and up until today Ilove it so absolutely much. I love the topics on their, I love the picture and I just love the honesty that stands between the lines. Something I do nearly every day is to watch Verenas Instagram Stories and I absolutely loovveee it so much, especially Verenas accent from Tyrol, which is by far my most favourite accent of Austria and I love her three dogs. They are just adorable and very very cute, especially Teddy. 

Something I can say is that, if Verena recommends something you can trust that! I never tried something that she has recommended, that did not reached my expectations.

4. Kitchenstory by Carina and Carolina 
Just a little disclaimer: if you are hungry don´t open their page! Just don´t! I know what I am talking about I´ve been there and trust me you will end up making all the good recipes at once. So trust me with that. What I really love about “Kitchenstory” is that the food combinations are incredible, sometimes exotic, sometimes fancy but everytime new. Especially with a mum that loves sometimes creepy combinations and all the exotic stuff it is good to know on which page you have to go, if you want a recipe for different occasions. And as you can see I love their photography style so much. I have to admit that I am just looking at the pictures when it comes to finding new blogs, and when I saw these pictures I fell in a magical dream about cakes, food, and flavours and I never woke up since then I guess!

I hope you loved this post and found some amazing new blogs to read and follow!

Love, Sophie



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