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FASHION: Swimwear for every body type

 Bikini or swimsuit? White? Blue? or more of an orange? For some people (including me…) buying swimwear can be very stressfull. I don`t have  a body, which would be described as a bikini body in our society and I am okay with that. For me personal it is not a big deal, I love my body, but every year I struggle with buying swimwear.

I was never skinny and I never will be, because how my body is built is just a little bit more curvy than others. The last nineteen years I spent in my body, I learned some things and made my experiences, especially when it comes to swimwear. There are some things I would advise everybody who struggles with wearing swimwear.

The first advise I would give is that if you are loving yourself in a bikini, wear it no matter what others say to you! Because it isn´t just the bikini, but how you wear it, the whole attitude and your confidence can change the whole look. If you hate yourself in a bikini, try different styles of swimsuits. Especially online shops like Asos have some great offers for every body type. Trust me you´ll find something you love!

My second advise has to be: if you feel unconscious about certain parts of your body, cover them up to make yourself feel great and confident in your body. There is no shame in that, we all have parts of our body we can´t stand! For example if you don´t like your belly you can wear a swimsuit like the second one on the picture, which will cover up your belly but also will give you super sexy cutouts. In addition the ruffles will cover up anything else. Just highlight the body parts you are proud of!

I found online 4 swimwear pieces, that in my opinion are great for highlighting certain body parts!

Backgrouns Bikini cravings

  1. The White Lace Allrounder

The lace bandau will draw attention to your boobs, which is something that can make people with a smaller breast feel better and more conscious. Unfortunatley people with a bigger breast won´t get enough support with those styles of bikinis. So this bikini would be perfect for in general smaller girls, that wish for more curves. Especially the white can give you some nice curves and with a slight tan you look like a greece princess, wherever you are!

2.Elegance in a Swimsuit

I love this swimsuit so freakin much. It is so elegant and feminin, but also a little bit sexy. I absolutley love the colour too. In the Summer this going to look so fantastic with a tan. In my opinion this is a very various swimsuit, which can be worn by every type of body.

3.The Curvy Wonder

In my opinion this is a perfect swimsuit for everybody that has some curvy body parts. The pattern covers everything up that you want to cover. Furthermore the swimsuit provides the best support for any size of breast, but the middle part is a little bit see-through, which means that you get a little bit sexy too.

4.Last but definitley not least

So if there was no swimwear style for you, here comes my last  style. I think this a swimwear style for everybody like the second one. Also I like the white with the dots and the cut-outs, it gives everything an elegant but playful touch.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it will help you find the perfect swimwear for the Summer. Remember the bikini/swimsuit is just one part, the other part is how you feel in it!

Love, Sophie


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