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GIFTGUIDE: Presents for your dad

Presents dadWhen it comes to birthday or christmas presents, my dad is the one I struggle with every year. Whenever it comes to June or Christmas, my heart starts beating and I struggle with finding the perfect presents. And altough he says he won´t need anything, I want to give him something in order to show him how much I care about him, so we end up with me running around searching for a present. Please tell me that there are people like me out there!

My dad travels a lot, he loves to hike and things like that. It would be very obvious to buy him things that accomplish his hobbies, but there is just on Problem: everything he needs, he buys himself. There is no need for double the amount of powerbanks for example.

Last week I was brainstorming about his present and I thought: you know what? There are definitely people out there that struggle with the same issues, lets make a blogpost on it. Here we are! And please please let me know in the comments, if you have any other ideas for a present! There are a lot mor birthdays coming!!!

1.A worldmap:

I know it sounds funny, but as I told you, my dad travels a lot and I love the idea of placing a pin needle on the worldmap in order to see where you have been. There are a lot of creative and handmade options on Etsy or Dawanda. Something I really like are those watercolour maps, which look really impressive, but go with the most interiors, since they haven´t much of a colour!

2.Some nice Whiskey!

I did this last year for Christmas and he loved it. My dad drinks whiskey from time to time, so it really makes sense to invest in something that tastes and looks nice. I bought him the Benromach by accident. I say by accident, because I knew that he doesn´t like scotish whiskey, because they can taste a little bit like turf and I read the label on the shelf and then picked the wrong one I think. I wrapped the whiskey and he opened it on Christmas eve. When I saw the bottle I was like: F***, but my dad tasted it and he really really likes it and I can say the whiskey doesn´t taste like turf at all.

I bought this one!


As with the whiskey, my dad likes to enjoy a cigar from time to time, especially in Summer, so it is nice to receive a nice wooden box with three cigars or so in it. I don´t have any recommandations for you, because when I buy cigars I let the shop assistent decide, which is something I do recommand.

4. Earphones

For somebody who travels a lot, good ear-phones are essential. They function as a noise cancellar, for listening to music or as a Hands-free speaking system for when you are in the Airport. As you can guess my dad has some pretty good ear-phones but they are over-head and quite big, so I thought it would be nice to have some that have space in your pocket. I am a big fan of “Beats by Dr.Dre” but you can definitley get some cheaper ones too. But in my opinion These ear-phones by “beats” are really good for travelling because they have wireless and they are magnetic, which means that they do not tangle!

Maybe I am buying These for myself too! 🙂

5. A drone

Last but not least: this is for the technical geeks out there! Me and my dad spoke recently about a drone and how cool they are for making super cool vacation pictures! He would have great fun! A good drone is really really expensive, so if you consider giving one as a present, I recommand sharing the present with other People, like your siblings for example!.

I hope you found some inspiration for upcomping Events that Need a present for your dad! Let me know, if you have any other ideas!

Love, Sophie


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