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INTERIOR: Life on the terrace


Whenever I had a stroll through my Pinterest I saw pictures of dreamy Island, Santorrini, beaches and the sea. I am sitting at home studying for my A-Levels and wishing I was sitting on such an Island right now. But unfortunatly there is no time for that now so I have to make a vacation on our terrace. I thought I share some terrace inspiration with you, for those of you who join me on my terrace vacation.

This year I am all about the combination of white, turquoise and gold. The colour combination reminds me of this pictures on Instagram from Santorrini. These where everything is white but you have some blue accents, I just love them. One day I am going to visit Santorrini and then I will show you exactly what I mean. And before ask yourself why I am talking about a blue and white combination and the pictures are yellow and grey, that is because my mum loves this combination. We are currently renovating some parts of the house, where there is going to be a white and blue combination.

Three or four weeks ago I went to IKEA and I have to say I was over the moon about the products, they had in stock. They looked amazing and we had a big shopping splurch! Furthermore on the IKEA Website you can find some beautiful ideas for differnt occassions, such as how to decorate small balconies or how to throw the perfect brunch. I would really recommand the Idea site for some Major Inspiration IKEA Idea side.



H&M Home is a Major inspiration for outdoor interior too. I think that especially the home collections from H&M have made a big improvement. They look super luxurious but don´t cost the price of the luxury item. In my opinion there is no need to spend a big amount of money on interior accessoires, because your taste changes seasonal (at least mine does) and things I buy this year, I don´t like next year.

Recently my dad built a roofing for our terrace, which was desperatly needed. He decided to build it by himself, as it was dramastically cheaper than buying one. I have to add that my dad is extremely talented when it comes to building, he even built a greenhouse from skratch by using the old windows from our neighbourI hope I was passed some of his skills. But we will see when I move out!

Since it has a roof  our terrace is our main living room and we use it  now to it´s fullest. We decided to go for a marrocean kind of interior vibe. We held the main furnitures in a universal colour, means grey and silver, so that we are able to switch up the whole theme without investing a lot of money, or repainting the furniture every year.

We are not quite there yet and we are especially on the hunt for some “Hampton” lamps and some other bits and bobs. Something which we also have done is that we planted some nice plants in nice pots around the terrace. Mostly these plants  are eatable such as herbs or even some strwaberries. Unfortunatly my littlest sister is the fastest when it comes to picking the strawberries, so there is not much left for the rest of the family.

I think it is better to invest in good furniture but save at the decoration. Now I am going to enjoy an iced coffee at my home dreamy Island! I hope you found some Inspiration!

Love, Sophie




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