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DIY: 3 Gifts for Mothersday


There is one person in our life, that deserves more “Thank You!” and “I love you”, than we do say in real life. A person who made sure that we are where we are now, that listens and helps, that stops our tears, brings us tea when we aren´t feeling well. A person who has the toughest Job on earth but don´t see a single penny for it… our Mommy.

Although my mum isn´t a big fan of Mothersday, because she says that we should be grateful for each other all year around (which I definitely sign), I choose the day to make her feel like a princess. Her favourite meal, no household, a nice glass of wine and just a day without worries or work. Normally I bake her a cake and she gets a little handmade present. Today I am going to show three small DIY,s you can make for your mum to make her feel  extra special.


1.A personalized Cup:

I think thats a very nice idea, because your mum can take it to work too, as a little reminder that she has the best kids on earth. You can print on a funny quote, her name or a picture of you (and your siblings).

You will Need:

  • a cup, a light colour is much more easier to write on
  • your quote, if you search for some inspiration, try on Pinterest there are a ton of quotes
  • you can do it with a pencil you can write on glass with (here), or if you want to do a picture you need like a sheer paint like here

Take your cup and make sure there are no remainings of dirt other things that will ruin your masterpiece. You can put some nail polish remover on a cotton pad and clean the cup, so that you are sure there is nothing left. Wheter you are working with the glass pencil or the paint, read the instructions first and do your wanted masterpiece like it is written  how you should.


2.Calligraphy Quotes:

This is something which is very easy to do but looks just beautiful.

You just Need:

  • a black fine edding
  • a picture frame
  • a pencil
  • a piece of paper

CalligraphyTake the pencil and write the quote on your paper, so that you know where you have to write with the edding. Then you follow the lines and make every line that goes down a little bit thicker like you can see on the picture.

For the next stop you just have to fill out the gaps you´ve just made.










3. A jar full of love:

I made this for my mum last year as a gift without a reason and she loves it. I just took an old jam jar and some pieces of paper, where I wrote reasons why I love my mum (I wrote 100 reasons). Everytime your mum has a bad time she can just read some reasons, why you love her, which is definitley going to cheer her up.



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