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TRAVEL: Where to eat in Vienna


As I told you in my hotel review here, I spent some days in Vienna with my mum. We walked through the city, did some shopping, just enjoyed life in general and of course ate all the good food. However one day it rained the whole day, so we spent some more time in the famous coffee shops and restaurants  in Vienna, than we usually do and I thought I share some of my experiences with you in case that you spent some rainy days in Vienna too.




Although we spent three days in Vienna, we had just two breakfasts in Vienna. One of them was at our hotel, the Motel One. You can read here how I liked it.


The Guest House Vienna

The second of our breakfasts in Vienna we had at “The Guest House Vienna”, which is located opposite of the Albertina. I wanted to try this one because I read the recommendation from the girls of “The Daily Dose” and it looked absolutely


stunning. And I have to say I didn´t get disappointed, furthermore I was very impressed and my mum was too. The location is an interior goal, very chic and sophisticated with a modern touch. The staff there was very polite, helpful and friendly. We were there on a Saturday and had luck to get a table, but I would recommend to make a reservation if you want to go, especially when you are accompanied by more than two people.  But the best part of it all was the food, oh my god! We had two cappuccinos, two croissants, porridge and a French toast to share and everything was just delicious. Especially the French toast blew my mind. It was my first time having a French toast and the combination of peanuts, grapes and nuts made me definitely craving more French toast in my life.




Neni´s am Naschmarkt

This is a personal favorite of ours  for many years now. Unfortunately not just ours so


you have to be extremely lucky or make a reservation in order to get one of the tables. “Neni” serves one of the best oriental kind of foods I have ever tasted. From hummus to babaganoush you will get a selection of tasty food from the East. My recommendation is the “Jerusalem dish”, chicken with onions and paprika and spices and a “Limonana”, a minty lemony lemonade and you definitely have to try the New York Cheesecake as a dessert. Absolutely delicious!

PS: If you like “Neni´s” as much as I do, at “Spar”, a local supermarket in Austria, you can get some “Neni”-Products such as spices or Pita Bread. For the Neni-feeling and taste at home.



I have no recommendation here, one day we had a sandwich in the hotel, which was very delicious and the other day we went to eat Indian, although the food was good, I didn´t like the rest of restaurant, so I won´t recommend it.


Afternoon coffee or snack


If you stay in Vienna, this is an absolutely Must-Do for me. You feel like a  princess, eating cake that will melt your heart. The only thing missing is the empress “Sissi” believe me. One thing I adore at “Demel” is that you (if you are very lucky) are able to sit in front of a big glass window, where you can watch how your cakes are made.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI once stayed there for four hours watching, without realizing that the time is gone, but now I am able to do marzipan roses myself. In Summer the “Demel” has fancy ice creams too, like for example “Blueberry and Violet”, very good if you aren´t able to get a table.






Café “Motto am Fluss”

This is something I read about ages ago, but I never had the chance to go there. This time my mum wanted to go to the “Schwedenplatz”, so I just took the opportunity and we went. I am so glad we did, because it is just such a nice place to have a coffee or a cocktail and just watch the city go by. The café is located on a boat (don´t worry it doesn´t move) on the deck.


Such a nice location! I had one of their homemade lemonades, which was the perfect end to the day. Just sitting there, watching the sun go down, the water, cars, people and just enjoy life! One of my highlights of this trip!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any recommendations for Vienna, so that I can try some new things next time!

Love, Sophie

5 thoughts on “TRAVEL: Where to eat in Vienna

  1. Great post! I love Vienna and went there twice. On my second time I was at the Naschmarkt and since it was very windy I was lucky to get a table. Best pizza and wine I ever had. so warm for the weather, just perfect!


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