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DIY: 3 Gifts for Mothersday

There is one person in our life, that deserves more “Thank You!” and “I love you”, than we do say in real life. A person who made sure that we are where we are now, that listens and helps, that stops our tears, brings us tea when we aren´t feeling well. A person who has the…… Continue reading DIY: 3 Gifts for Mothersday

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TRAVEL: Where to eat in Vienna

As I told you in my hotel review here, I spent some days in Vienna with my mum. We walked through the city, did some shopping, just enjoyed life in general and of course ate all the good food. However one day it rained the whole day, so we spent some more time in the […]

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BEAUTY: What´s in my make up bag

Spring, Spring, Spring…. I love it. With the warmer weather coming up, I love to change up my make up routine. A little bit fresher and lighter than in Winter and Autumn. More browny colours, more bronzer…. I thought I share the content of my make up bag with you, maybe there is something for…… Continue reading BEAUTY: What´s in my make up bag

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HOTEL REVIEW: Motel One “Staatsoper” Vienna

Today I am launching a new category on my blog: Hotel Reviews. I love reading them on other blogs, because I think they tell you more about a hotel, than the usually five star rating on google. I don´t stay at hotels as much as others do, but maybe I can help a few of…… Continue reading HOTEL REVIEW: Motel One “Staatsoper” Vienna

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RECIPE: Waffles à la “Papa”

Where my parents come from it is a tradition that you have waffles on the weekend with milk rice, a cherry sauce, cream and topped with cinnamon. Normally you skip one regular meal for this…. When I was a kid the few weekends  my dad made these waffles were definitely a highlight. These stacks of…… Continue reading RECIPE: Waffles à la “Papa”

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INTERIOR: Home Office Inspiration

  I am constantly working from home, for this blog, for school or for “Fräulein Sophie” products, and I have to say I want some changes in my work environment because sometimes I have the feeling that the seeling is coming of. Also I don´t think that the part of my room where my desks…… Continue reading INTERIOR: Home Office Inspiration

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LIFESTYLE: Coffee in bed, family time and fresh flowers

It´s been such a long time since I did a personal post on here so I thought that I change that today and give you a little life update. As you may know: I am currently doing my A-Levels. The first exam is going to be at the beginning of May, so the next few…… Continue reading LIFESTYLE: Coffee in bed, family time and fresh flowers