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BEAUTY: Nude Nail Polishes


There is nothing better than freshly manicured nails, without a scratch or? I don´t think so. Like for all the other “sections” of my life I like nudes, beiges or whites on my nails, but since it is spring the nudes are definately my first option.

Furthermore I am a nail polish addict, so I have 25 (at least… I know I know) nudes, which means that I can easily wear nude nail polish all year round. Throughout the years of (constantly) wearing nail polish I tested a few nail polishes from various different brands and I have to say that, if I like a colour really, I´ll invest. From my experience the investment in nail polishes is a good one because they last longer in general.

I selected five of my 25 (or more), which are my most worn ones together with Essie,s Spin the bottle but I am currently out of stock unfortunatly. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

– Mademoiselle by Essie

This was the first nude I ever bought. I remember the Hype the Essie nailpolishes had and I remember that I really took my time with the decision to buy, because I found them really expensive. But I did and I am glad I did, because it was the beginning of a love relationship with Essie but also with the shade. “Mademoiselle” is a very light mix of nude and light pink. It is one of These “My nails are painted but you can baerly see it” colours.


– Mayfaire Lane by Nails Inc.

That´s my favourite pink/ pinky nude ever, not just because of the colour but also because of the formula. It´s funny because I have an other polish from Nails Inc. and the formula of this one is not as good as Mayfaire Lane. But okay…. however Mayfaire Lane is definatly the best and it is gel, so it looks like you just left nail Salon for two weeks. Good righ?


– Pinned up by Essie Gel

I was given the nail polish as a Christmas present from my little sister. I have to say I wanted one of the gel couture polishes since they were released and when I got it I was over the moon but after testing the polish for a few times, I have to say that I like the “normal” formula more than the gel one. I find that the gel one scratches more easily, but the colours are very chic and classy.


– Organdi or Rose Cache by Chanel

There are two names in the headline, because Rose Cache is not available anymore ( at least not on the internet page), but organdi is the similar colour, but without the small golden shimmer in it. I think you can have a love or a hate relationship with Chanel nail polishes. I know people who hate them and I know people who love them. I am one of the second part of the phrase: a chanelnailpolishlover (one of the worst with a slight look at my polish collection I guess). But I have to say that you have to let him dry completley, otherwise the polish will say good bye to your nails very soon.

Organdi is a colour which I would describe as the perfect classy nude. A mix of light pink and beige just the most perfect nude.

– Rose Confidentiel by Chanel

Last but not least “Rose Confidentiel”, which is the darkest pinky nude in my collection. This shade is something I like to wear in Winter or Spring, because it doesn´t suit tanned skin I think.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have some favourite nude polishes for me to test out!

Love, Sophie







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