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What I got for Christmas and my Birthday

Christmas is over, the holidays are over and even my birthday has passed by, I can´t believe it. Time is definatley going to fast. But okay turn to the good things: in 4 weeks are school holidays again, in seven months I will be finishing school and there are nearly 340 days left till Christmas.

15991858_1286731854699376_1822257406_oI thought since the year is young and there are still birthdays ahead I am going to show you what I got for christmas and my birthday as a little Inspiration for presents. Before I am going to show you I have to place a Little disclaimer because this is not to Show off in any kind of way. I love every single present and I am grateful for every single one and furthermore for the people who gave them to me, they make me just happy!


My biggest present for Christmas and also for my Birthday was jewellery from Michael Kors. I got a braclet for Christmas and earrings and a chain for my Birthday. Since I am allergic to nickel I can´t wear costume jewellery, so I have to build a new jewellery collection with some pieces I really really love and this is why my parents got me jewellery for Christmas and my Birthday.


When I was in the city with a friend a jewellery shop had 20% off everything and I saw the braclet I wanted for a long time in the shop window so I bought it myself as a Little Birthday treat. Sometimes you just have to buy the things that make you happy or?:)


Also from my parents I got a little collection of books because I love reading and my mum also got me some creativity books for some DIY,s which I definatley going to try in the next holidays.


Furthermore I got a parfume for Christmas and one for my birthday because you can´t have enough parfumes right?


15967791_1286731768032718_2032622555_oFrom my siblings I got a Chanel nail polish for Christmas and for my Birthday I got the Chanel Lipstick I wanted for such  a long time.I love both so much!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration,

Love, Sophie


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