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3 Pieces you need in your wardrobe

Everybody who knows me knows that my wardrobe consists out of black, black and if you search for it you may find some grey in there.Furthermore I like things that have a classic pattern but also have a little Twist like a bow or some glitter. Today I am going to show you three things I could not live without.

fashion-8fashion-71. Blazer:

Whoever invented the Blazer is a genius. It is the one thing I put on when I don´t know what to put on or when I am in a rush. Furthermore I think it goes with everything and it doesn´t have this “just classic” look anymore. Especially an oversized Blazer looks very edgy. Also I think you should invest in a good fitted Blazer if you wear yours often, it makes a difference and you get a better cost per wear out of it.


2. A big knitted grey jacket:

That´s all you need to step your all black outfit game at least three levels up and it keeps you cozy and warm. Black Jeans and T-Shirt, some Chelsea boots and this jacket and you look well put together but also it is really comfy, so perfect for school or University.

As you can see on the picture, jackets like that look verg good layered with others like a biker jacket or even a Blazer.

fashion-113.Little Black Dress:

Coco Chanel was a fan of it and I am too. A Little Black Dress can be styled in so many ways: classy with some pear eaarings and black pumps or easy with boots and some jewellery. Like the blazer I think you should invest in one, because it can be used at so many occasions.

There are  many different patterns and styles but my favourite are the really straight ones like the one on the picture left, they don´t show every curve of your body but enough to look very nice and well dressed. Furthermore you should look at the fabric because some kinds of fabric together with some patterns can look cheap.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration for your own wardrobe, Love, Sophie



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