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How to make iced coffee 


This is going to be my first blogpost in English. There are a few people who want to read my blog but they don’t speak German so I am going to write some post’s in German, some in English and some in both languages. Please excuse any mistakes! 

So let’s go: How to make iced coffee

You will need: for 1 jar

-five ice cubs 

-150ml milk( you can also use almond milk or soy milk if you want)

-70ml coffee( or 1 normal Nespresso coffee)

!If you use a vanilla flavoured kind of coffee or milk it will even taste more like a iced coffee with vanilla ice!

First put the milk in the jar or cup, then put the ice Cubs in and then put in the coffee. Wait a minute so it can cool down a little bit. Then enjoy!  


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